Ti-Cat billboard on the Hamilton Spectator building?

i live south of hamilton....and when i drive the 403 to toronto ( to watch the Argos ), i always drive the highway though hamilton and past the hamilton spectator building.....as does EVERYONE who drives to toronto from southern ontario.

i wonder WHY there isn't a BIG Tiger-Cats billboard right ontop of the Spectator building so every person driving the 403 (north )east though hamilton can see it. the spec. building is at the perfect location for a billboard targeted to 403 drivers.

i suggest a billboard with Maas and Lumsden standing back-to-back on it with ' Tiger-Cat country' written above.

the Spec. is the official paper of the Ti-cats as well, so it would benefit both businesses. more people watching the Ti-cats would buy the Spec to read about the ti-cats.

it would raise awareness to people who may not watch the CFL and the Ti-Cats. and they may then think to watch some games on TV, then come to some games at IWS.

i remember doin a road-trip to BC a couple years ago....and when we hit saskatchewan, we were greeted with a BIG sign saying, welcome to RIDERVILLE, home of the sask. rough riders....that was b4 i started watching the CFL, but it struck me how HUGE the CFL is in the rest of this country.

...PS, i go to Ti-cat games too.

what do u guys think?