Ti-Cat/Argo Rematch!

Well Friday night will come along quick enough in this short week with the Cats at the Argo's in the rematch game from the 42-12 blowout yesterday on Labour Day in Hamilton.

Lets get lots of screaming, hungry Cat fans in the Roger's Centre in Toronto for the rematch and cheer on our Tiger-Cats to victory.

Don't take the Argo BS Ti-Cat players that they hand out so well, from Ricky Foley and company and hopefully we'll get an official who can call a fair football game and not be so biased towards the Argo-Snots.

That was brutal yesterday to say the least, I think Steve Foxcroft was missing his contact lenses or brain cells on those calls. I don't think I've seen a fight before that had three roughing penilties called against one team in the Tiger-Cats, what were they fighting with air? Hello Toronto was just as involved in the same fight?

The other was the bad No call on Gabriel for the Argo's kneeing the back head of the Tiger-Cat player or the late hit on Zach Collaro's, Yes I know Steve Foxcroft you pocketed some good payout cash yesterday from the Argo's and your buddy Rod Black but lets try and call a fair game next time?

Oh well should make for a good fight in Toronto on Friday night and don't take any BS Tiger-Cats, Let's HAMMER the Argo's again!!


couldn't be a worse possible day to have the Cats play in Toronto. Friday night sucks!

I'd like to go but I work till 6-7pm and I wont challenge that traffic. not worth the headache.

I'll be sitting my fat ass at some restaurant in Hamilton mowing down a burger or wings while watching on a big screen.

anyone want to join me? :wink:

Really? You're claiming bribery of the officials?

Foxcroft doesn't need to take a bribe. Every time he blows his Fox40 whistle that's another dollar toward his inheritance. :cowboy:

Hamilton - 29
Toronto - 16

were only going to score 29?? lol

crowd noise going to be a factor I guess bwahahahhahah

This is a very slanderous statement. Would you say this to his face?
Pretty brave when your anonymous :thdn:

In a league where flags have been flying with regularity, I think Foxcroft is one of the best out there AND he's only one if a crew of officials. He alone dies not throw all flags or misses calls during a game. It's usually the other officials who make most of the calls.

Fixed that for you BIGCAT :slight_smile:

Name: Dave Foxcroft
Position: Referee
Other Positions: Side Judge,Head Linesman
Sweater: #30
Birthday: 8/24/1967
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario
First CFL Game: 6/26/2001 June 26, 2001 in Hamilton,
Seasons: 14
Games: 223
Grey Cup Games: 3

First, Foxcroft in my opinion is one of the better refs out there. I’ll take him any day over Proulx

Second, you do know Foxcroft is loaded right? His dad Ron Foxcroft was the founder of Fox40, NCAA ref and owner of Fluke Transportation. He’s the last person who’s likely to take a bribe from a CFL team, because he’d probably laugh at it.

Third, I thought the officiating was quite good that game.

Fourth, every good player knows to take ref BS and move on. It happens, they are just as human and it’s not worth costing the team yards to make a point to a ref. That’s the definition of selfish.

Last, yes let us pack the dome.

Our Boys get to Feast on the Casey Creehan Defense again!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

What goes good with a Casey Creehan defence? Is it a red or white wine!

Have to say that the only issue that I had with the refereeing (watching at home) was the fact that all of the UR calls went against the Ticats after that melee broke out. Seemed that the Argos players should have been penalized as well. I heard Zach say after that he was hit in the head (no flag) on the first TD pass. Obviously didn't see it on TV but again should have been called. The first half was relatively flag-free - most of the infractions seem to come in the 3rd quarter as again there seemed to be fewer flags tossed in the 4th.While Austin should not have had to challenge the missed DPI the right call was made on review. Agree that Foxcroft's team is one of the better ones. I have seen far worse officiating this season than the Labour Day game. (Montreal game anyone?)

I would think - RED wine!! :lol: :lol:

Maybe some fava beans and a nice chianti....

Blue Whine!

I will be there making it uuncomfortable for the argo fans all around me with my little yellow horn and my wifes cowbell

To those going to the game:

Remember there are new security measures in effect and it takes a long time to get through so I'm told

That is one of my favourite lines by Anthony Hopkins. The other great line is "Love the suit", in reference to the female governor. :lol: Your reference to the movie, made my day. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old Silence of the Lambs fan)

You're welcome. Its one of my fav movies. Hopkins was incredible in the series. Have you seen the series with Mikkelsen as Hannibal?

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#Ticats injury update: HB Rico Murray down, Brandon Stewart in. And guard Ryan Bomben is back. #CFL #Argos.