thyrone anderson

will thyron anderson start against montreal

we wont find out til probly tomarrow dude

apparently at least one of the 2 recievers we acquired in that trade is supposed to play this saturday

so i dont no whether it will be jason french or thyron anderson

or maybe both of them will

ch sports just reported that anderson will play this week against his old team

Yes he one Side Gardner is the other.

Y would nate curry not get the start on the other side ?

talman gardner dropped alot of balls last week

i cant see why he would get the start

Curry hasn't dropped one ball thrown his way during the regular season this year (he has only been thrown to two times, I think, but you get what I mean). Gardner, on the other hand, had a couple drops against Toronto, plus a fumble. So you have to think Gardner will be riding the pine against the Als.

Personally, I can't believe Gardner wasn't cut after the Argo game.

In addition to Anderson, I hope we see French against Montreal too.

Gardner is playing in order to assess his viability. If he has a good game, he will likely stick around. If he has a bad game like he had againt the ARGOS, then it is bye-bye Gardner, first left off the Gardner Expressway...

The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Are you sure Tom? Who is your source big guy?

He was working with the 1st Team offence.
But he could also be a Backup this week
it up to charile in the end..

i think charlie will go with nate curry instead of talman gardner

Curry is being moved to slot.

His slightly stocky size will suit him well in the slot. He is only 5’10 - 5’11 and weighs about 200lbs. That means LB’s can’t knock him out of his route with a simple arm shove.

If he indeed does play slot its a good move.

Also... Walker is too small for a SB.

Darren Flutie, Ben Cahoon and all the Argos starting receivers ( Mitchell, Miles, Palmer, Talbot) are 5'9" or 5'10". (Arland Bruce is 5'11")

Walker is the same size.

If you like height, then you gotta like the acquisitions of French 6'1", McCants 6'3" and Anderson 6'4".