Thyron Anderson

Why are we having this revolving door.

Why are we cutting guys when we need to gain stability? I am not going to say this guy was Jerry Rice or even close but all the receivers we have cut havent really had a fair shake and the ones that get starting time are making the penalty mistakes/dropped balls.

We need results and since we have this organizational mentality of growth and gaining playing experience why not give them the chance to gel and gain experience. It seems like most of our offensive drives this year. TWO and OUT

I never liked Anderson, even when he played in Montreal. While other receivers were diving and putting themselves in a position to get nailed after making the catch, Anderson would not even stretch out his arm to try to catch the ball. I am not surprised he was cut!

First of all these "professionals" have been catching footballs for almost 20 years and that includes our quarterback. If they can't do it right by now , they never will. Assuming they want to.

Secondly , the ticats, in the old days would do exactly what they are doing know and by the end of the season they would have a great group of guys who would take them into the playoffs.
Have faith in management... at least until after labour day. :slight_smile:

Does Earl Winfield ( praise be his name ) have any kids old enough to play in the CFL ????

At this rate I'd even take DAVE the loveable Blue Jay he was

I have faith and I know we are going on the right path. I am just saying that we aren't giving too many receivers a chance. I think as our O-Line gets stronger, we'll get better on Offense.

Andrew I agree with you and I think it has come down to the one wideout position that we need to fill .

Dave Winfield excelled in many sports. That post may not be as sarcastic as it appears

Good recievers are not going to be cut if they're catching footballs.
And they won't be cut if they're quaterback is getting sacked so to suggest that if the o line was better then the recievers would get a chance to show their stuff , is false. Nobody is that stupid.

The problem is effort , routes being run correctly and results during practice.

If it's not there , it's not there.

Sadly Geoff, Andrew has a point. Your logic is basically correct except that in this case the QB situation has resulted in many receivers who were formerly successful failing here and became successful once again after leaving. Makes you think doesn't it?

Loved Half The Distances Labour Day prayer and AMEN to it .

LOL.. thank you... :cowboy:

The offence has gained 832 yards in the last two games.

Just heard about this now.
Yes this was the right move. He did not run out his patterns nor come back to the ball to help out the QB's, and did not fight for the ball when it was thrown to him. The roster spot would be better served by someone else.
Record aside, it is nice to see Footbal men in charge again, making good football decisions. :thup:

Maybe, but those same football men traded for him a few weeks ago..... :thdn:

He has a lot of talent, but just did not put forth the effort. It takes leadership to recognize they made the wrong decision, and the subsequent rectifying of it swiftly, instead of keeping him on hoping his attitude and/or effort will improve.
We will see alot of faces through the dressing roon until we find the right ones to make us competetive. I like what I'm seeing from the football men. :thup:

On the whole I do too, but I just wish we would stop cutting the players we trade for---Anderson, Butler, Alston....

Bring back Earl. Earl, Earl, Earl. This guy would put himself in front of a Mac Truck and still hold onto the ball. Why don’t they make receivers like this anymore? Those were the days. When being a PRO meant playing and acting like a pro. These pukes today. Why I otta…

Earl Winfield and Tony Champion - they just don't make them like that anymore...

Remember Champion's catch in the endzone of the best Grey Cup game ever played against the riders? All stretched out, twisted and backwards and playing with broken ribs. We could use some of that grit from our receivers...

Greatest play in sports history. I almost fell from the first row of the Skydome Level 500 jumping so high.
The grit separates the greats like Earl and Tony from the footnotes. (not to mention Earl's million dollar smile :smiley: )