Thyron Anderson

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Friday, February 23, 2007 - 03:15PM

REGINA ( wire) -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired import receiver Thyron Anderson from the Montreal Alouettes on Friday in exchange for a conditional 2008 CFL Canadian Draft choice.

Anderson spent his first four CFL seasons with the Alouettes where he amassed 174 receptions, 2,434 receiving yards, and nine touchdowns in 51 career regular season games. Last season he compiled 60 receptions for 686 yards and four touchdowns while playing in all 18 regular season games, the Scotiobank East Championship and the Grey Cup.

The 26-year old enjoyed his best CFL season in 2004 when he had 76 receptions for 1,147 yards and three touchdowns. The Grambling product also missed a portion of the 2005 CFL season while attending training camp with the New Orleans Saints.

“Thyron is a skilled receiver with a unique combination of height and speed,? said Roughriders general manager and vice president of football operations Eric Tillman. “This acquisition is another positive step in upgrading our offence.?

Another receiver! I'm glad were improving the offence but how many 1,000 yard guys do we need? Maybe one of them will be traded to fill a whole on our defense, I guess time will tell.

A trade of a receiver to fill in the big secondary hole now in our defence is a fair prediction. I thought the same thing when I first heard the news.

My only concern is that as far as our receivers go, IMO only fantuz, dominguez, and armstead are of adequate quality to make a trade. I'd hate to see anyone of these players traded to fill a hole that Tillman should not of dug anyway. Losing both Morgan and Bush I'm sorry to say...there is no excuse he couldn't have kept one.

I have a really bad feeling Tillman is going really piss me off yet again in the off season. I hope it's just a "feeling"

I love it! this is a great acquisition! We're going to have the Best receivers in the whole league!

No matter what they do..

Yea they can trade a receiver for a DB, but we still will have a great assortment of receivers!..

but there are many players out there that can made a Defense awesome that we haven't even heard of!

Football is like that. you let someone go and suddenly you find some unknown that comes in and steals the show!!


NEW COACH, NEW GM! be positive!

Thyron Anderson do the Riders need anymore Wide outs and Slot Backs..
this is just Plain Greedy
No wounder your Uniforms are Green

Fair trade indeed.

Hopefully, for your sake, Thyron gives a better effort then he did last year with us. If he gives the same effort, your looking at a guy who:

  • Doesn’t dive for the ball

  • Won’t make an attempt to catch the ball unless it’s in his numbers

  • Showboats when down by 20+ points in the 4th

KK used to do that, then he changed..

How many receivers do you think they will keep?

If they don't let go any of the "big name" guys, our starting 5 should look something like this:


No shortage of talent there!

i dont know ......... i mean there is only 1 football and we seem to have a dozen recievers. Better score a TD each time cuz the defense is in dire straits. go figure a Kent Austin team would be pass happy. Might as well drop the running backs cuz they are just gonna play receivers there anyways

I think 6 guys, possibly 7.

this was an awesome trade we gave up next to nothing, a freaking lat round conditional pick for a big reciever who quick for his size and is possibly looking to prove something.
if we cut him the als don't get anything. if anyone complains about this acquisition they clearly just don't like tillman!

who cares how many recievers we sign obviously they are just going to either trade/cut some of them.

this trade is all reward with no risk!!

what if the riders sign him and the als draft the next mike pringle with that draft pick?? that would suck wouldnt it?

Obviously a good move for the Riders to bringing in lots of talent at WR, some of which will probably be cut at no loss. But shouldn't they be more concerned about their DBs?


If they sign the next Mike Pringle with that pick, then every team in the CFL messed up because if we sign Anderson, then the Als get a late round pick, 4th round or higher. And that is straight from Tillman himself.

Yeah, but you funking took them all! lol

what if the riders sign him and the als draft the next mike pringle with that draft pick?? that would **** wouldnt it?
that's not impossible , but...

you do know that the cfl only drafts from the CIS?

in the forth round we'd be lucky to get a long snapper buddy!!

he hate me, if you only want to see the negative then i guess i'll just agree with you and say tillman blew it by geting another 1,000 yrd reciever who went to the saints training camp, for an all important conditional late round CIS draft pick! :roll:

I beleive its a 6th rounder.

As for receivers there were 16 at last years training camp....

I agree but....12 receivers now.

I was saying last year AND the year before , trade Dominguez!with this acquistion, i dont think we need him around just to get injured and sit on the bench for half the season AGAIN. Thats just what i think

Ya your right we dont need Matt i mean he only has the best hands on the team, is a positive influence in the community, gives it his all 100% for every play, and is a big strong physical Receiver who always seems to come down with the ball and was our leading receiver no biggy

Are you serious?????????????