Thyron Anderson is back

This is a F%$#G good news,

According to RDS, french version of TSN, Thyron Anderson is back after receiving the news that he has been cut from the NO Saints. He said that he took the plane the minutes he received the call.

(We're not going to mentioned that he was running away from the's just between you and me, OK? :wink: )

Anyway, this is really a good new for my Als !

Als Fan

Wow you are desparate!

Yes good news for us Als fans.....and lets not forget the city of New Orleans Thoughts and prayers for those suffering through the largest and most powerful hurricane in US history.

Maurice Clarette was released by Denver too and is on the Als neg. list. But they don't really need him now.
6'4" Thyron Anderson will be a nice addition, they need his height, and they need to go deep more, but Terrance Edwards and Watkins played well and Cahoon will be back in a while. Stala is playing great and there is Vaugn and Girard and Wilson and Gilligan.
The problem is still the defense though.
But good news anyway!

Actually geo didnt they thankfully miss the eye?

I know i was hoping for the best. Love my friends in

Yes the eye did miss (not by much) but the National Weather Service dictates what is the least and worst storms in history, and at 160 mph sustained winds, this is the worst hurricane ever, with gusts over 200 mph.

Ok the eye missed but that is the calm of the storm

Welcome back, Big Bird!

By the way, it looks like the NFL will keep DJ Johnson. He sits as the first back-up CB on the New York's Jets depth chart. Oh well, they can't all come back.

[Speaking of ex-CFLers, Jeff Garcia is playing horrible football tonight... atrocious...]