Thyron Anderson is a stiff

GAS THIS GUY TODAY!..dropped passes at key times..just stands their when QB is being blitzed, doesn't come back or find an opening...just pathetic!..last week was shaw..this week it's andersons turn to pack his bags.

Not after one game.

the qualities he displayed last night weren't learned yesterday...ship him out!

Dropped one pass on Chang.(Would have been a first down, keeping our drive alive...although we got three).

Made a beauty on a Maas throw earlier.

Former 1,00 yard guy.

He stays. For now.

i agree with hendy

God, we just got the guy. Cut him a break. He didn't have a great game, but he caught a pass didn't he? I don't even know the last time I heard Curry's number called and he's been here since camp.

If anyone's played themselves off the team, there's your man.

Somebody GAS this thread.

You don't cut a guy after one game when he actually made some nice catches.

The drop was brutal, but I don't think that earns him a pink slip yet.

They where Calling for Talman's head the same Way.
I say give Thyron another game or so .
He still Getting the Green out of his system.

he stays.

For the love of god people. Cut this player, cut that lord the revolving door of players has to stop.

1 game should never make or break a player.

I really believe that the revolving door players are now subject too is a big part of the Tiger-cats problems. How many players were not good enough for this utterly crap team have gone on to do good with other teams.

Man give players a chance sheesh.

I think the only reason this was posted is because Ralph got a TD late :lol: cuz if it was another receiver with that TD this thread would be a Ralph bashing one. Ralph actually played worse than Anderson if you are basing your opinion on Drops Ralph had 4 to andersons 1? And not to mention Ralphs offside that cost us another big gain! but SURE GAS ANDERSON CUZ HE PLAYED TERRIBLE!!!! :lol: what a waste of a thread...

No. Even if it might soothe one's anger after posting and falling down and not being able to get up, there is this concept that you can't have 200 players going through your roster every year.

Even in a non-crotchety old icon moment, one could perhaps peruse the Penn State football site and appreciate that a football program doesn't cut every guy who has a bad night, otherwise you're left with Todd Blackledge glory fumes and no players. :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

He didnt impress me as well!

First game in a new offence and you're ready to cut the guy? What? The answer can't always cut someone cuz they had a bad game. C'mon get real.

Thyroid Anderson is going to be a good player, he's a big target and fast. It might take a couple of games before he breaks out.

standing still and covered while chang is running for his life…no anderson has got to go…not even an effort to come back to the ball…pathetic

i have to agree with this guy....cut this player AND cut THAT player :lol:

what would homer do? :