Thursday's Game

How do we think they will do... hmmm

Hopefully win in a squeaker.

Honestly I expect it to be Ugly

But my wife says I usually wrong, so they should be fine :slight_smile:

I think we have the same wife. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

I got my tickets, and my hope.

I really beleive that this will be a good game. I'm not gonna come out and give a score prediction like last week (mmmm, delicious crow).

But I will say that however it ends, I think the score will be within 10.

That said, I think Hamilton really just needs to step up and play good solid defense. The Argo offence is no better or worse than years previous and their Joseph/Bishop combo didn't actually show that well.

If Joseph comes alive, that scares me. But Bishop is the same old Bishop and it doesn't take much to get him to start heaving long bombs to no one in particular. Defensive preasure is key here.

For us, it comes down to Lumsden. Early and often and getting good yards on first down to get the D to back off and respect our medium range passing game. Casey just needs an extra second or two to make something happen.

Hopefully, this one comes down to kicking, cause Vanderjerk is a washup who the Blue guys were crazy to pick over Prefontaine.

Anyways, I'll be there surrounded by blue-clad crazies and hoping the football gods smile on us... I made all the right sacrifices didn't I?


Just had too.

Say again?