Thursday's Game

After last weeks outing, how do you think we will show on Thursday?

I think that we will play much better, and that we might be able to pull out a win. Casey will play well again, and Lumsden will get the amount of carries that he deserves! Woodcock and Mitchell will both play well, as well as Miles will play very well against his old team! I hope our defence play better, hopefully Moreno will look like he did last season.

All in all should be a good game! I hope we stick it to the Argos!!

I hope so, because Im not shaving until they win!

Toronto wasnt that impressive, we are pretty even. Should be a stellar game!

Yes, I told Mrs MadJack today that I am predicting a Hamilton win on Thursday.......

Hope springs eternal, I guess.........

You have to be optimistic but I don't see how the Cats could beat the Argos. Your -Cats fans- 2008 season will be awful. For the goods of the Team and League I hope to be wrong.

The main weakness of your Cats is in Canadian talent; they basically have nobody amongst their last 3 drafts. So weak,that they don't have too much flexibility with regards to ratio. Moreno will not be the same without Armour. During exhibition games they could play Caully or Smith but not anymore,unless they play with 1 less import DB.

Good luck/patience since you will need it.


While I wasn't impressed last week I've purchased tickets to the Argo's / Cats showdown for this coming week. All I ask is to be entertained.....BUT a win over the Argo's would make me sleep better.


Catattack, I think you'd better get some Gravol--better than a sleeping pill.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'd like to be optimistic, but with the O-L and Denfense we have, NOT A CHANCE!!!

Well the Argos offense was not very good last week but they were playing the East division champs. Winnipeg has a great defense. I expect it to be a challenge for our young defense.

This offense will have their hands full with the Argos defense as well. Can the receivers get open? I hope so. Jesse must be involved early and often, and he has to be effective all game long or they have no chance.

Without great pass blocking and a solid running game Casey won’t be able to do much by the end of the first half. Any offensive momentum they were developing in the second quarter was shut down by the middle of the third quarter because it was all shoe string plays being created by Printers on broken plays. The offense that they did show was not the result of superior scheming or team execution and that kind of stuff just can’t last.

…So in short, I’m worried.

Toronto is a difficult team to prepare against this season because you don't know who is going to start for them at QB. Each presents a different set of problems. But if I am the Ticats. You probably want to take away the run. Their deep treat is Johnson so make sure the FS knows where he is at all time.

On offense make the old dudes on the argo defense run like crazy. Smashmouth football and play to the strenthts of that oline. Keep it simple...Have Printers throw on the run. Everything that takes longer then 2 seconds to develop tear it out of the playbook.

For now that's all the Ticats have.

I've seen a few guys with long white beards. Always wondered the reason they let it grow. :lol:

Based on the last half-dozen trips I've made to the Dome, I hope we keep it within 45 points.

It would be so awesome if we could somehow knock these guys off. I was pretty happy to see the argos win the other night....if they woulda lost, they would've been right pumped up for us.

I predict another loss for hamilton, the score will be something like 43-24 it will be a better offensive performance then game 1, but our D will be embarrassed.

I disagree that Toronto passing game was mediocre at best, and we all know the running game is non existent.

That's not what I saw against Winnipeg.

8) Gotta agree with you !!! I gave up going to games in Toronto several years ago, it just proved to be to embarrassing the way we performed there.
 I just read that the Cats have not won a game in Toronto for about 5 or 6 years !!!!  That is enough to make me just watch on TV !!!!!          <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

TiCats best chance is if the Argos defeat themselves (i.e. penalties, turnovers). Stubler likes the no-huddle offence, so the D never gets a chance to set.

Re TiCats offence, there are too many veteran ballhawks in the Argo secondary.

Cats wildcards are Tre Smith and Tony Miles: if they perform well, Cats have a chance.

Prediction: Toronto 28 - Hamilton 16

...I just have to go. I'd hate to miss out on a win by the Cats, especially in's worth the risk & I have to take it. :cowboy:

8) You are a brave soul, that is for sure !!!! Go for it !!!!! :wink:

I can't remember the last time the Cats beat the Argos in Toronto. In fact, I think the Cats are 0-10 on the road going back to 2007. On that basis, you might say they don't have much chance. On the other hand, you might say they're due. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Actually the last time the Cats won a regular season game in Hogtown was, (believe it or not) July 20, 2001 !!!!! We have lost the last 9 straight games there (regular season) !!!!!
 Not a fact we should be proud of for sure !!!!!!!!            <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->