Thursday's Game

So do you think we will win or lose on Thursday?

I'm hoping for a win! And i think we might get one, but i dont want to jinx it haha. :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth Hamilton is a 2.5 point favourite, according to the ticker on the Score.

Usually, the books give the home team an automatic 3 points. So, getting only 2.5 is a bit of a downer.

However, since we're going to win by 9 points, who cares?

My son has a soccer game until 7pm.,Game is in Stoney Creek, and i am thinking of quickly going down to the stadium I will be late , does anyone know if the ticket booth is still open

I will be at the game. Can't wait to see the Ti-cats in action. I know this is a team that is rebuilding and learning on the fly, but they are football players with a common goal, they have a swagger about themselves, they believe they can win. So, I'm going to support that and hope each player is up for the battle. Fans you know more about Montreal than me because you watched them. I've always heard they had a good team, but that's was a few years ago, what about now? Are they rebuilding? DO they have a influx of new talent? Would you call the match up even? Let's go ticats!! :cowboy:

The ticket booth is always open until Halftime or longer.