Thursday's Game Vs. Edmonton

Who is gonna get the most time at QB?
What positions are still really up for grabs?

Even though its pre-season, I am still excited to be going to my first (of many) CFL games this year. It's gonna be a great year in the CFL.


I'm happy whenever the Eskimos visit Winnipeg.

final assessment of talent till cut-down day...everybody better come to play .....score doesn't mean much but on-field play does.....maybe we'll finaly get to see Tee Martin.... :?:

.........please beat edmonton...........just for fun..........

we'll give it a good shot Red.........they better not leave their QB.S standing around to take a hammering.....look what happened the last game......I would hate to see that again...

we'll be fine... I hope... I'm listening to the CJOB post-game before the game at 7:30 pm !! :smiley: can't wait..i hear that kevin will get the first 2 quaters..martin the third and for the fourth..wynn and the other qb micha will share the 4th because that quarter seems to last the longest.. woo -- GO BOMBERS GO Yes Yes Yes.. Kevin Glenn is next on CJOB to get interviewed.. yay lol :stuck_out_tongue:

So, are the Eskimos wasting their time with Khari Jones, or what?

What the %#@ was that last night?

Our offence consisted of 2 fg's, a missed fg, and a
Our secondary was non-existant. Defence was sketchy.
On a good note, we sacked Khari 5 times. :lol: and Michna looked very good.

I know it was only preseason, but what I saw last night worries me.

So, it's the day after and you are already making excuses on another thread. Maybe sometime you can explain (in your words, don't plagerize others), exactly why you think the Bombers are THAT much better than the Eskimos.

Now you've got me confused. I thought you went on record saying that the Bombers were going to kick Edmonton's ass, yet you just told us you threw in the towel on them when they got rid of Eric Carter and that they were going to have a rough season. One bad pre-season game and you are doing a 180 degree turn?

What's up with that?

hey mane-town people love the BB's just make sure that saskatchewan goes 0-18 this season because there the most aragent fans around

just pre-season Kanga don't get your jersey in a knot..........when you are rotating players in a look-see game it is tough for anything to'll come.....I see some real good talent for the BigBlue......Michna for one....if he had a little more experience he would have to be considered no.2 or for sure no. 3 QB..... and Ryan.....boy can that guy hammer the cuts come Sat........then things are going to get serious. :!:

No veteren experience? I have very limited knowledge of the Bombers roster, but the names that come to mind are Stegall, Roberts, Fleming, Canada, Stokes....just to name the ones that pop into my head. I could read em right off of the depth chart, but don't need to to prove my point. I think OL is pretty experienced as well, no?

I would think there is more than you are willing to admit.

What does hating Edmonton have to with your comments regarding the Winnepeg Blue Bombers? Oh I see, so what you are telling me is one of two things. You still don't have a clue about what makes a good team or a bad team, you have just decided that you love the Bombers (probably because of uniforms or something like that) and that you hate the Eskimos (probably because of success or something like that)....OR......You still don't have a clue what makes a good team or a bad team and rather than trying to learn and understand you are content to be a follower and regurtitate the opinions of others.

Get over it KK. The new unis really aren't that bad, in fact I like them. And as for Carter, he WAS good, he was on his last legs last season, and wasn't the player that he was in his all-star days with the Leos. If you think about it, if the Bombers wouldn't have had that TD called back the score would've been 23-16, not a bad score-line I'd say, and given the fact that the Eskimos were ranked no. 1, I'd say that's not a terrible result. Bomber fans just need to have faith, they made a ton of changes in the off-season. This team just needs time to come together, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have a losing record in the first half of the season. They don't call it progress for nothing. Just hang in their true blue fans, I have a feeling this team will come together in the second half and challenge for a play-off spot.

i seen like 4 people at the game with rams jerseys i guess they could feel like they were waring BB jerseys

Okay so Canada is a sophmore, If you insist we won't consider him a vet. Yes it takes a while for newcomers to gel. Does the team not have a core of veteran players that they are building upon and adding to? Edmonton may have as many as 12 new faces when the roster is announced today, but I still consider them as having a large core of CFL vets.

I think you need to study the roster a little more and perhaps you will find the same situation in Winnepeg. How can you say you love the team and don't even have an in depth understanding of the players on your team? Oh that's right, you like the team cause of some defunct NHL franchise and the name has sentimental references to people and things in your life. That's such a knowledgable approach.
If you feel that this is

Teams I don't want the BB's to beat:


Kanga, how can you call yourself a true Bomber fan after you made some frivolous post boldly stating that you hope "your team" doesn't beat half the league? S*** or get off the pot.

Look, I'm not going to flog a dead horse. I don't mean to be a condescending prick, but I saw a very blatant contradiction to what you had been saying and had to have it explained. Anyways, no worries. Cheers buddy.

You are too hung up what the uniforms look like. If the Bombers went undefeated this season and then won the Grey Cup, no one including you, would care what the uniforms look like. They could be playing buck naked and you wouldn't care.

And sure I'll have a beer with you and I'll buy the second. The CFL needs fans like you, you just need to learn the game a little more.