Thursday's game plan.

Very much looking forward to seeing Elliott run the offense this week, but after seeing what Cornish was able to do against Hamilton last week, if Chad Simpson only gets 7 carries again this week I'll fricken scream. Lol

I thought for sure this was going to be the game plan against Montreal. I'm not sure how we prepare on offense anymore....

No kidding, eh? A real head scratched these days.

I hope LaPo/Crowton abandon this silly "don't run because the QB needs to settle into a rhythm" philosophy. The QB will settle into a rhythm if your offense is balanced enough to pick up multiple consecutive first downs and keep him on the field. It also takes the edge off Elliott having to make the correct pre-snap read to beat blitz pressure.

That quote from Lapo really annoyed me. It didn't even make any sense.

I wonder if that quote was LaPo trying to cover for Crowton. It was complete gobbledygook and utterly nonsensical from a football 101 standpoint.

Could well be. We'd better have this all straightened out this week.

In most of the 2nd half I was yelling at Lapo to keep giving the ball to Simpson. Hell, tell Mont. that we’re going to run it and let them try and stop him. Throw in the odd screen and QB sneak and watch the field open up for the bomb. What they were doing wasn’t working. To hell with the game plan when all that happens is 2 and out, over and over. Mr. Simpson looks very enthusiastic to run over the opposing team, let him go. To hell with the QBs stats and rhythm. I want a win!!!

To me this game is the season, we can't keep losing these divisional games and expect to make the PO's. Win this game, and the picture looks a little better.

.....looks a lot better with a win Thurs.....The other divisional rivals aren't exactly running away with things....BUT IF the Bombers come-up empty I think we can all put on our next year glasses :frowning:

My thoughts exactly. There is a HUGE difference between a win and a loss this game

It will be interesting to see if Elliott can get results. Despite some problems in execution, I still firmly believe that some of the problems on offense lie with LaPo and Crowton, but a strong showing by Elliott could prove me wrong.

I have a lot of concern over how the D will perform. The have had their issues containing RBs this season, particularly catching the ball out of the backfield and Walker will pose some problems for them. I'm not convinced starting Muamba will help the D either. So far my opinion of him is that he's hesitant in his decision making and too often takes bad angles to the ball, putting himself out of position to make a play. This will only get better with experience for sure, but not sure this scenario is the best time to get him those reps. Unfortunately the only other option right now is Labbe which isn't going to help things much either.

To me this is a big test for the D. It's time for them to step up and take a game. Excited to hear Logan and Suber are back, that makes a big difference.

I'll agree with pretty much everything that's been said so far.

Yes, this is a pivotal game for the Bombers, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Yes, really encouraging to see Logan and Suber getting back in there.

And, I'm really looking forward to seeing Elliott play. I have always thought there was more potential there than there is with Brink. (caveat: again, let me remind one and all that I'm the same guy who was, in seasons past, singing the praises of Rocky Butler, Marcus Brady, and Stanley Jackson as future CFL stars, and we all know how that turned out).