Riders or Lions? The 2 things that make me think that we will win is that Jarious Jackson may be starting and that i don't think papa Kent will allow us to get blown out again by BC.

Riders: :thup: 31
Lions: :thdn: 27

I think the Riders will beat my Lions at home. Not because of Jarious Jackson, but I'm so worried about the injuries to our secondary.

Riders by 10.

I was excited when I looked at my schedule and had the weekend off, then I realized the Rider game is Thursday night and I can't watch or listen to it.

I predict..



Riders 30
Lions 17

Not going to predict by scores, but the Riders should win, providing they don't have any turnovers! Stamps should have won, but blew it with the s****d turnovers. Do your best, but be forewarned, the Leos are out for revenge on Perry's hit on DD. :wink:

Thursday is the time for the Riders to show us if they are a home playoff team and i really hope so. There can be no more excuses about Austin being a rookie with two blowout wins against division teams. Now its up to the players to go out and play hard and the coaches to make up good game plans and adjust according to how the game is going including players. This team has proven to have the talent they now need to prove that they have the heart to go play every game.

The Grim Reaper is coming to Vancouver - their time is up. I predict a blowout because if it don't happen this game with the Lions having more dudes in the hospital than on the bench, there is something wrong here. But then again ...

While I am predicting a Saskatchewan win. BC's defense showed significant weakness these past two games.

I think if Saskatchewan's defense can put allot of pressure on BC quarterbacks that should help.

I was impressed with the way Kerry Joseph carried the pace of the game against Edmonton, if he can do it again against BC. Saskatchewan will win.

While injuries may have some effect, it can't be used as an excuse. And the Riders can't think they are going to play a weaker team this week. They have to have their minds set on revenge and nothing else.

Buck Pierce is out, so that brightens our chances.

Pick Riders to win.

2 reasons - Washington, Marsh, Banks are hurt, makes our secondary a little weak

And Lions O has struggled.