Thursday Night Games...

Remember when the so-called football experts in the Toronto media used to think the CFL was dumb and crazy because games were played on weeknights.

They would always say "look at the NFL. That's how to do all games on the one day."

Well, well, well. Look who's playing THURSDAY night (not to mention Saturday night) games in 2006.

Always knew that argument was nonsense...

.......excellent point, I always wondered why the NFL didn't expand their coverage to include games played Friday through Monday for better TV coverage....

in al truth the NFL has played sunday night games for about 20yrs also starting every US thanks giving Thrus. night games have been going on since the begining of NFL T.V. contracts so in a way the use of thrus. night games was proven sucessful by the NFL. how ever this will only be the 2nd year for them to open the season with a thurs. night game



but every thurs.night after the US thanks giving the NFL has a game also in the last two or three weeks of the season two games are also played an sat. not including playoffs.

whats wrong with the nfl giving the defending superbowl champs a chance ot be on national tv in primetime at home? are you jealous? the nfl is smart, they get a big concert and showcase and have the champs receive their rings and banner at home in front of a pumped home crowd.

Although difficult to see, it's a lot better; because now you have a chance to see what the other teams are doing and with the NFL showing games at the same time in some cases that makes it impossible.

bobbythefinch didn't say anything about that PM, the CFL has it's Grey Cup contenders play in week 1, so why are you bring that up?

All he was saying is that playing games on weeknights isn't stupid, after all, the NFL does it. Learn to read.