Thursday night games a mistake

Went to the game last week, although attendance wasnt bad i had a buddy cancel because he didnt realize it was thursday and my other buddy almost had to cancel too but vowed no thursday ever again.

I remember Lions doing a survey at BC place in the early 2000s and people voted down the thursday games big time. For whatever reason i find thursday is just not a very good night to do anything really. Hockey can get away with it with 18,000 seat arenas LIONS could have one of those sold out every night.

I actually cringed when i heard TSN announce Thursday Night Football

The jury is still out on this one.

Would be nice to know how the average ratings compare to games on the other nights of the week. There's only one in the fall (Oct 1) going head to head with the NFL anyways.

So if the summer numbers are respectable it can be a nice summer timeslot to cash in on when the rights renew.

While I guess if you are an Argo fan, Thursday night would be much better then say Tuesday or Wednesday or even perhaps a 4:00 o'clock timeslot on a Sunday opposite a televised Jays game. :cowboy:

I think it depends on the team. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have fans that have a long commute home after work and a long trip to the park. Less people would have this problem in Ottawa, Hamilton and Regina. More people have time off in the summer which would have an impact.

Not a bad idea in the summer, but I would stay away from the 3 major cities and stop them altogether after LD.

Well considering the Argos are not scheduled to play any Thursdays this year (road or home), we may never find out. Depends of their dates in BMO next year. I’d say give it a try - the Jays have the odd Thursday to boot 8)

Weeknight games have always/will always be poor draws for the CFL. TSN wanted another dedicated night after the success of Friday Night Football to televise games, and with the recent large increase to TV rights were able to convince the league to have dedicated Thursday night games. Don’t know how well things are going on the TV side, but attendance has historically, and will continue to suffer on Thursdays

Don’t understand why they don’t go with Saturday night. The night is empty until October and then they only compete against the NHL for 4 weeks. Could even move it to Saturday afternoon after HNIC starts if they wanted. Far better night than Thursday I would think.

CBC had a large chunk of their games on Saturdays and did very well ratings wise, and attendance in the stadiums was rock solid too.

Hopefully finally next year the Argos will finally get a normal decent fair schedule instead of the crap dates that Rogers has dumped on them in recent years. Like I said in the game day thread the only good thing you can say about yesterday's game attendance is that thankfully the team only has 7 more games left in the Dome putting up with being treated like an ugly step sister by that tribe known as Rogers and an owner like Braley who couldn't care less about the team.

in my own opinion just do a Friday night game and 3 games on Saturday this way there is no short week for a team and I know when the games are,
spreading the games over 4 days ?

That's the first time I've heard Thursday night's game attendance characterized as "wasn't bad." Interesting.

I'm not sure what the ESPN schedule is for the CFL games in the States but I wonder if promoting Thursday Night CFL was an effort to draw in more American viewers (or Canadian NFL fans) who are used to NFL Thursday night games. Thursday night games in the summer have not been uncommon in the CFL during the summer the past few years but they generally disappeared by mid August when the NFL pre-season games began and were not promoted as much as they have been this season. Just a thought.

Three games on Saturday seems a bit much in a small league. My thought was scheduling the games over Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Hamilton has it only(?) Thursday night home game this week (Aug 27th) vs Montreal (who if I remember correctly from looking at the schedule has played a few Thursday night games at home or away) and if it isn’t already, it will be sold out. Of course they are honouring Angelo Mosca and retiring his jersey so that of course is a big draw. I think the game would be sold out regardless, but Hamilton is quite possibly an exception to what other teams are experiencing.

Agree. Let's give it some time.

CFL fans are so knee-jerk. TSN has the rights to CFL games until 2022 and they can do what they want. Given their track record, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I know watching the game in Montreal i was hell tired the next day. Friday would of been a perfect end of night.

Three games on Saturday?
If you are a fan who watches as much CFL as you can, you would spend your entire Saturday in front of the TV?

Not me.
And I don't want to miss any games.

There are thirteen Thursday night games and only ONE game after Labour Day and that's in Ottawa. The CFL wanted to try to start a summer tradition. They can spread games over three days Thurs to Sat in the summer
Didn't the CFL do a survey that said that more fans were complaining about weekend games in the summer and Thursday would be ideal?
Four of the nine Als home games are Thursday, Winnipeg had two, Edmonton two, Hamilton two, Ottawa two and BC only one.

People love going to the cottage on wknds and Thursday night games in the summer are fine . So many excuses on why people won’t attend . Find excuses too go !!

Saturday night instead of Thursday nights yes I agree with you :thup: , but Saturday afternoon no way that is worse! :thdn:

For sake of comparison, in the US contrary to anticipation, even the NFL is struggling on Thursday nights for sake of TV ratings but for in the markets of the two teams playing.

As VanHalen stated, maybe it's just a bad night for sports any more. DCMoses your explanation with regard to the tougher drive on a Thursday night in bigger cities makes sense too.

By comparison also for NFL games, last season was the first during which CBS aired the second 7 or 8 of these games (NBC airs the first game of the season on usually a Thursday night, which of course does have great success) with the rest of the season's games on Thursday night also on the NFL Network (except in the local markets of the teams involved in which they will still air the games on also a local channel). By November, generally no one cares about these Thursday night games either because often the match-up is between two teams that suck with little or no playoff hopes.

And I am not sure how many such games are actually truly sold out games either, as I do know that in Tampa that as usual that the team had to buy-up the unsold tickets once again in order to avoid looking bad in front of a national audience.

See below. Perhaps you have a point for early in the season for a few games when not much is going on anyway on Thursday nights and there is air time to fill. Otherwise absolutely not considering also the NFL's experience as noted.

And on the NFL preseason it's a joke for all but the most homer of fans, but the NFL forces its strong hand on the matter including compelling even ESPN to not air good sports content during the NFL game. This is yet another example why cable TV is a joke with any given number of its antiquated traditions.