Thursday Night Football

Bell announced Thursday Night Football today, featuring a bunch of things including a new look.

Not sure what that means for Friday Night Football as a thing, except that maybe it's been depreciated. There's still a game every Friday until Labour Day weekend, though.

From the release:

Among the highlights from the all-new THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL:

A unique broadcast package, including new animations, branding, and other on-screen elements that combine to give THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL a distinct look-and-feel from other CFL ON TSN broadcasts
Music from local bands featured in THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL pre-game and in-game broadcasts
An emphasis on the fan experience and energy surrounding the game, both inside and outside the stadium
Kate McKenna hosting “Now You Know?, a segment featuring special reports and features on hot topics from around the league
Cabral “Cabbie? Richards presenting a weekly pre-game feature that helps fans get to know the most interesting players in the league
The THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL social media hub, designed to share content from fans on both TSN and CFL social platforms

I think TSN has done a good job over the years making Friday Night a staple on their network so hoping Thursday does well.

At a glance looks like they're trying to cater to a younger audience bringing Cabbie and McKenna on board, let's see how it works and the ratings vs. Fridays.

Also, I've always thought of the concept for a permanent (sort of) Thursday Night game, it can be sold as a package to another broadcaster down the road, but with TSN locked up until 2021, that theory of mine appears up in smoke.

I don't mind a Thursday night game. As someone withOUT a life, there is little on TV on Thursday night so (as opposed to Friday night which has some pretty good shows) so it will give me something to watch. Having said all that, if the games are as bad as last year, I aint watching. :cowboy:

and if the pre-season games are anything to go by expect a continuation from last year.

Thursday Night games in the summer pre Labor Day is not a new concept. Montreal in particular plays home games on Thursday nights in the summer then switches to SUN at 1:00 in the fall post Labor day.

Now making it a special event night is something new. They must have had some kind of data that would have them do this.
Also Labor Day Weekend no Friday night game, instead it will be the final Thur Night game in the summer.
There is one more Thur night game post Labor day.

Basically now Thursday Night CFL Football fills another night of summer sports programming. TSN Simulcast Sunday, Monday, and WED night baseball from ESPN as well as baseball tonight. MLS on TSN has at least one Canadian club with matches on the usual Saturday MLS day.

Also its been reported that they will add non Canadian Club games to the line up at a latter date. I would suspect it will also be the simulcast of ESPN's 5:00 MLS soccer sunday which leads into sunday night baseball.

Place all that with the already signature Friday Night CFL football and that is an event day for three different sports on every night/Day but tues.

Have to get ESPN to get Tuesday night MiLB games into Canada. Every week I watch the Iron Pigs or the Mud Hens. Lot of good games on Tuesday nights!

This is a step in the right direction. Would have preferred this special treatment go to a Saturday 3pm time slot, but it's a start.

Having "Cabbie" doing features on players will go a long way to market the players to the public (especially the young demographic)

It would be nice if the CFL could have a 1 Thursday, 1 Friday and either a double header on Saturday or 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday game leading up to Labour Day weekend. Then either a double header Sunday or a Sat/Sun and a double header Monday for Labour Day and Thanksgiving, and a Friday, a Saturday and Double header Sunday until the end of the season. Perhaps starting next season when the Argos are in BMO and there's no conflicting events like WWC and Pan-Am we'll see something like that.

From the TSN broadcast schedule, there are 10 of these "Thursday Night Football" games.
The Montreal Alouettes are in 7 of them, including a back-to-back pair with the Eskimos.

I think we will all get VERY familiar with the Als players, whether they are featured in a special segment or not. :expressionless:

I'm somewhat concerned with how TSN is building this program up just to drop it once NFL season begins.

The CFL did quite well scheduling the Thursday games as far as the NFL schedule is concerned. Of the 11 Thursday games scheduled by the CFL only the last game, October 1, is on the same time as the NFL Thursday night game.

I'm just thinking that some casual football followers might start watching on Thursday and form a habit only to tune in and find NFL games in that time slot come Sept.
I would have liked that time and day dedicated to CFL games ALL season if you're going to put in his promotional effort to get people to form viewing habits.

You have a good point, if they get a good fan turnout and good viewer turnout this year maybe next year they will consider running the "Thursday Night CFL Football" all season.

What did anyone here think of last nights Thursday Night 'premiere'?

Definitely, seeing this as a push to reach out to the younger demographic. Having McKenna on board and lots of crowd shots in the that age range/families etc...even the montage graphic of the 'guys in the bar' watching the game.

Perhaps I've already trained my eyes to look for the above so I'll be curious to see if the presentation is different tonight and over the weekend.

Overall a good start :thup:

I loved that they focused on the live crowd more; more screen time, louder audio, panel live from the stadium, that skyjack feature. Etc.

This is something I’ve been calling for for years. Definitely helped convey the live atmosphere to the home viewer, which distracted from the lulls in the game at times.

I just wish every game broadcast had this effort regardless of the night of the week, since most Thursday games are from the same stadium - Percival Molson

I couldn't care less about all the flash and fireworks. Cabbie bores me to tears and if I want music I know plenty of places to hear new Canadian music, the last place I would turn to for that is the CFL. As long as they don't mess with the game and, preferably, get rid of Dumb and Dumber (a.k.a. Black and Forde) the rest makes no difference to me. If it attracts some new fans to the CFL then good.