Thursday Cuts By Noon EST

Today is the day when all cfl teams have to trim there roster for the regular season, there are no surprises at QB for the Bombers but alot of question marks surrounding the Running Backs. According to quality sources, the Bombers are planning on keeping all 4 backs around to begin with, with one going on the practice roster (Bernard), but the Bombers have not ruled out a trade for ANY ONE OF THE 4 BACKS, apparently The BB'S have been contacted about 2 of them. Also reported, Kelly is going to make a huge move at reciever that will shock the fans and the CFL, if that's the case, why? and who? apparently Ralph is on the Block and could be cut, that would be no big surprise, but the Bombers might be cutting loose the future (Hargreaves etc.). According to sources, it looks like Kelly MAY BE shopping Edwards and Bowman around, that is a huge surprise, but if we need to replace Labatte on the oline, then who knows. We will know for sure by the end of the day, nothing will surprise me at all with the question marks surrounding the Bombers, also note that Kelly has said HE WILL NOT TRADE anyone on this club FOR NOTHING, if he cannot get quality player's in return, there will be NO SURPRISES.

If Labatte is done for the year, Kelly has to deal for another starting Canadian O-Lineman.

The Ticats could deal George Hudson, as he appears to have lost his starting job to Gagne-Marcoux, and Hudson is making starter's money. And the Cats already have Rottier and Carlson as their Canadian O-Line backups. But my guess is that the Cats would be asking for a starting D-Lineman, as they are set at RB, and, athough unproven at receiver, happy to start the year with some promising TC hopefuls.

Most reports are he suffered a 'burner' and will be just fine, even be ready for the season opener...

As it stands , all teams have made there cuts and tough decisions have already been made as it is past the time they needed to make the cuts, now it's wait and see for all teams for the final rosters to be announced.

...Labatte has a burner according to the free press....hardly an injury that would end the season :lol: :lol: :lol: ....We''ll be seeing Labatte back much for your take.. :lol: