Thursday Concert Series

I’m trying to figure out why the Argos aren’t having a country artist as part of thier Thursday concert series. I know last year there was a concert across the road at the same time as the Argos game and there were hundreds of millenials heading to the concert. Country music is super popular with that age group.

Just a thought.

Agree there is hunger for the new country sound . It will give you a much broader audience .

It mixes better with CFL audience whether some here understand that without playing politics or not it just does .

The new music doesn’t really translate well and I find the market shifted sometime ago with youth going their own direction with what they like .

They experimented a few years ago I remember when they had those techno festivals they made up some names and bands and then spoke to hundreds of youth .

They didn’t have a clue who was real and who wasn’t .

They were there for the party period and to socialize .

IMO they should play Classic Country music when everything stops for the TV time outs. We keep hearing it is an older crowd at the Argo games, but instead we have to listen to some kind of noise they call music.

How about “there’s a tear in my Beer” for the Tiger Cat Fans when Hamilton comes to town.
“I’m back in the Saddle again” when the Stamps come in.
“Give me a Home where the Buffalo roam” for the Riders
“Ooga Ooga Mushka” when the Eskies come in.
“The Red River Valley” when the Blue Bombers are in.
“The French Song” for Montreal
Paul Anka’s “My Home Town” for the ReBlacks
“The Lion walks tonight” for BC

Something interesting for starters anyway.

The old Argo fans would be dancing in the aisles.