Anybody know when we can expect to see him?

I don't know but it can't come fast enough. We desperately need a consistently dangerous third target in the receiving corps that isn't a midget.

I don't know either. But, they way the O line is playing, it does not matter who is catching the ball. The QB has no time to get it to the receivers. My humble opinion.

Good point Indy.

One of my friends was at hte practice today and said he saw thurmon taking reps so Id guess hed be in for next game same with deslaurier if the OL could only give AC a few more seconds to find him.

I wouldnt count on that Popp said he isnt sure where the problem is on the O-line if only he asked one of the many people that watched the game on TV

Of course he isn't sure. He's not a freakin' coach! His team isn't going to take him seriously. He has no idea what to do and will not be able to make in-game adjustments. God, what a disaster.

In any case, I am curious to see Thurmon play. He is a big, mobile, athletic target for Calvillo.


He does look a bit like Anderson, but with more talent and slightly more desire. He did fairly well for a new receiver on a new team. He's a big, athletic target down the middle of the field and hopefully he will take some heat off Cahoon in the slot.