Thunderstorms for Ottawa from 1 pm on

Ahem… can lightning strike twice?

60% chance of thunderstorms for game time between 4 and 7 o’clock . ???Well here’s hoping that IF it is indeed thundering and lightning out that when it occurs that we are leading on the scoreboard at the time and the game clock reads at least 7:31 or less in the 3rd quarter . Of course though there is always the optimistic hope of the 40% chance that there will be no thunderstorms and a clear sky for game time . :-\

Another reason for the cats to learn how to get quick starts, and not take the first half off.

The bad weather favours the inferior team- and the team with the better running game.
So advantage - Ottawa.

Bell Media accountants have already projected the savings if they could convince CFL to shorten games on account of rain, snow, wind, heat, cold.

And why stop there …

cancel games if both teams are out of playoffs?

…the money’s there you just gotta think outside the box.