I have thundersticks from McMahon, B.C. place and the Saddledome. The things are off the wall loud… Why not hand them out for the next (2, hopefully) games. As loud as that place is without them, that would put the sound off the charts. It would be the 14th and 15th man. The Stamps would not have a hope of verbal communication, even in the huddle. They were the rage in the N.H.L. playoffs a few years ago and everywhere sounded like an amazing crowd, even where it would have been a library otherwise.

Personally I hate them. They are distracting to the eye, and usually stop people from yelling. I use my voice and my hands, and that is louder then I can make a thunder stick go.

We start with these things the next thing we will have is the announcer telling us when to cheer.

That being said we did have these at one of the games already this year.

Most people (me included) see thundersticks as a crutch for teams whose fans arent good enough to make enough noise on their own.

When they know the stadium wont be packed and the fans sit on their hands.. give them thundersticks.

Rider fans are better than that.

As are Ti-Cat Fans.

Verry True! We got some insane fans here to!

Thundersticks are just lame.. I remember seeing them during the MLB playoffs when the Angels won the World Series... just an artificial way to make noise..

I wouldn't say fans who use thundersticks aren't as good as those who don't. No doubt the stadium will be loud with or without them but to each is own. My voice just isn't loud, no matter how much I yell, so I use noisemakers. Thundersticks are extremely loud if everyone uses them. I've been to a lot of Rider games but I'm sure the 2007 playoff game was louder than any of them because of those thundersticks.

...what about Thunderthighs?...those would be loud too....

In 2007 they had the thundersticks. Mine as well as many of the people around me broke by the end of the first quarter.

I always wondered why Calgary's stadium was loud.... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

I always thought they were lame. Everytime I watch it on tv (I was at 6 games this year, it's all I could do :wink: ), I get really proud watching our fans pop eardrums with nothing but the passion in their hearts and voices. NO ONE ANYWHERE can duplicate what we got! Horns, same thing! Stupid unless they are used as a converted beer bong!

Wrong! Loudest int he CFL! YES!...Have you ever been to a American Collage game! they are CRAZY loud! Like Off the charts loud! so loud after the game Ur ears ring for HOURS! I woke up the next morning and my ears were SO sore from the pure volume!

But at NCAA games they get double the crownd, so its hard to compare

Well he did say anywhere haha,im just being a bird! I envy you fans! Cats have some wild fans as well!

That’s what I was getting at. Add the Sticks to the already wild noise volume, would double it IMO, and make things extra tough on the stamps.