Thunder storms for Thursday game

We will have to endure the contrived hysteria for a week or so until it will fade away.

Just hang in there. 8)


Some of us have been basketball fans for 60+ years. T’aint contrived for us. ?

I’m not a basketball fan in the least, but theres something wrong with you if you don’t find this Raptors team entertaining and exciting!

Maybe the Toronto bball team will move their game

This media built hype will fade away as fast as Trudeau mania

Funny how the media can make it appear that tens of thousands of ordinary Canadians are lining up just to stand outside and watch the games on giant screens. Must be the camera angles they use.

You sound legit. Enjoy the Raptor wave.

See you back here for the Cats/Argos game on the 22nd.

Thank you sir. ?


comment that will earn me at least a 24 hour ban… woof he used that word too? better make it a week, see you later alternate timeline Espo

Chance of rain has been dropped to 40% at kickoff and 30% by 9PM according to the Weather Network website but according to my Accuweather App on my phone it is a 30% chance at kickoff and 20% chance by 8PM.

It’s that risk of thunderstorms from 7:00 to 9:00 that’s disconcerting.

The die hard fans will show up no matter what the weather report is, also you can always try to squeeze a small space of dryness in the concourse if needed. I will be there rain and or shine

Go Cats!

True dat!

LOL… they should have learned from last year’s Thursday stormy night opening of the regular season… longest game of CFL history with the exception of the 1962 Fog Bowl. Ended about 1:15am Friday (Winnipeg time) after almost 6 hours and there wasn’t many spectators left by the end of what was actually quite an entertaining game despite the weather delays. The announcer & ushers just asked the fans located close the the field and not undercover to move back up several rows until under the roof to be safe. Nice dry walk back to our hotel after the game and up early the same morning for quick breakfast and drive to Regina for next game in our CFL opening week 3 game, 3 day, 3 cities tour which disappointingly ended with the Cats losing their opener in Cowtown.

They have to make it a rule that there is no umbrellas allowed period! Some CHOOCHES think it’s ok to block view and it’s NOT! Wear rain gear or a fricken black garbage bag in a stitch!

Not only do they block your view but I almost got poked in the eye a few times when the umbrella holder gets excited during a play and starts waving the umbrella around. :o

There are actually “rules? about umbrellas, specifically full sized umbrellas with points are prohibited, but collapsible types are okay. Rain coats, especially those with pants, and hats work well and don’t get in the way.