Thunder storms for Thursday game

Looks like a wash out for the opener, possibly even a delay with lightning in the forecast.

Makes you wonder, can’t they just move the game to Friday when the sun will be out and the weekend has arrived.

I get TSN probably has a large say, but you’re probably looking at least 50% of people who would normally be at the game, staying home instead.

Your kidding right?

Not at all

Jay’s are in Baltimore. Move game to Roger’s Centre. Problem solved.
Big concourse too.

How long would it take to build a roof over THF?

Who’s installing it?

If it’s the same guys that installed the speakers then I would rather sit in the rain. ;D

I’ve strung a tarp over a campsite in about 20 minutes. How hard could this be??

You think 50% of people are going to stay home?

If it’s already a downpour before the game starts, plus lightning which will cause a delay of game, on a work night… I’d say so.

Labour day a year or two ago had this exact scenario.

I think it’s pretty common, majority of people don’t want to get soaked in the rain for 3+ hours. Maybe the hardcore fans amoung us don’t mind as much, but I think they’re on the minority.

Knowing our luck the Raptors will lose tonight forcing a 6th game in the series and on Thursday a thunderstorm will delay the start of the home opener an hour and a half and both games will be starting at the same time of 9:00 o’clock . :-\I guess all we can hope for is the Raptors wrap it up tonight and the forecast changes from rain and thunderstorms to dry and clear skies for Thursday night .

It will be interesting to see now you’ve laid down the challenge! There will be those who stay home for sure but 50% will just stay in the concourse.

I will be thrilled if the Toronto b ball team ends it tonight so I don’t have to read anymore about it on a ticat forum

It’s not a work night for everyone, I work rotating 12’s so I am off Wednesday Thursday and back in for Friday so I’d be pissed if they switched it just because of the weather. Also how were they supposed to know it was going to storm when they came up with the schedule?

oh but you will, everywhere, all the time.

First world problems.

Ticats please

Ticats please

Raptors tonight, Cats don’t play until Thursday.

I wonder what they’re saying about the Ticat game on the Raptors site?
Maybe they’ll reschedule it if there’s a game 6 so as to not conflict with the Canadian Football League.

Never said they were supposed to know when they made the sked, that’s both ridiculous and impossible. But… with this weeks forecast showing a 100% chance of a storm, and talk of moving the game for the Raptors anyway. …I just thought why not go a step further and move it to Friday? Thursday is a terrible night for a game anyway, for those that do work Monday- Friday anyways.