Thunder & Lighting !!

hey i think having corey holmes and jesse lumsden as dual running back tandem will be wicked, u got lumsden(thunder) is more of a power back, run people over and make big plays,then theres holmes(Lighting) whos a quick little guy who can studder step and make people miss,id love to see them play together sharing the snaps, would send run defences worried all game long, so, next years forcast its gunna be stormy!

I will give them the nickname that I use for myslef and a co-worker,

Chocolate Thunder and White Lightning

The Soul man and the Hamilton Hottie,..

how bout the truth (holmes) and the fabrication (jesse) lol. just joking couldnt resist. thunder and lightning sounds good.

Nope. You can never resist becuase you have a vendetta against Jesse Lumsden.

relax psuedo it was a joke im happy hes here he is a big piece in moving forward for next year. i just wanted to poke at people like you who are tied around his waist. and guess what mission accomplished. lol

This coming from the guy who has hunted down every Lumsden post on this website only so that he can bash the guy. Now you're also admitting that your desire was to provoke me. So perhaps your obsession with Lumsden bashing has more to do with your desire to piss people off than it does with your personal feelings towards the issue. In this case, you've succeeded. I hope you're happy.

Geez psuedo i have no issues with anyone. i just know about football and it was a hotly contested subject that i got involved in. why does that bother you. what i meant about the last post trying to bug you was a joke. are you related to the guy. calm down and just so you know i am happy. i m always happy. i think the only one taking anyting "personal" is you. you should print off a transcript of these posts and bring them to jesse. maybe he will sign your forehead or something. worth a shot right?

Wow you two guys just turned a fun thread into a B*tch fest. save your bickering for PM.

fair enough reverend. i agree. sorry you had to miss out on any fun you were having. you also can use pm instead of grandstanding.

Oh SNAP !!!!

How about "hot and hotter" :smiley: (sorry couldn't resist)

How about:
Thunder (Lumsden)
Lightning (Holmes)
Shock (the faces of defenders when they see him lowering his shoulder)(Radlein)

It's a common occurence when newworlder shows up.

8) Ah yes, Thunder and Lightning, that moniker originally was given to another dynamic TiCat duo back in the 70's !!! Jimmy Edwards and Doyle Orange, and what a great pair they were together !!!!!

RE nwo-relax psuedo it was a joke , Loke or not you killed the thread :thdn: :roll:

Thunder & Lighting !! FIRE and STEELE-TOWNERS

biff and boom just doesn't have the same ring of intimidation. how about fric and frac? if you throw radlein in there it'll be fric, frac and mac.

Did he not go to UBC?