Thump, thump, thump!

Ouch! That was quite the thumping wasn't it? Congrats to the Roughies. I was hoping for a happier outcome but you gotta hand it to Saskatchewan. And guess who the Lions meet next week? Hehee. "Sooplyz!" as the Chinese would say. lol Yep. Montreal. Calvillo will surgically take out B.C.'s tonsils if the O line doesn't improve.

Oh man! Poor Travis Lulay.

I hope this isn't the beginning of the no show Lions of 09!

They have to beat Calgary to prove to me they are the real deal.

If Printers is out at all one has to wonder if Kerry Joseph might get a call?

Congrats goes out to PastaSteve who called the game 42-20 for Saskatchewan. He wasn't far off. Not far off at all!

Back to the game analysis.........

We got too many stupid procedure calls and not only that ....Saskatchewan's game plan was to rush the QB every chance they got. That's exactly what they did and it worked to a T.

Loved Robertson. He will help the team big time. Saskatchewan had trouble with him....and that is very good.
Why wasn't Paris Jackson utilized more?

Too bad about Smith for Saskatchewan. An Achilles tear last year. [I had one of those. They're terrible]...and now a patella tendon tear? I really feel for the guy.

oh just a few bad breaks. take away Lulay's fumble for Sask td and Mccallum makes the fake punt attempt and we're in there.
situation norml . . . AFU.

Our O line is living up to low expectations but I really was expecting more from our run D. Both Printers and Lulay did well when they didn't have 3 green jersies on them.

Also, I thought Jackson was our #2 QB, when did that change?

HOW do you fix this?? That was awful!! If it doesn't improve, we're going to see a repeat of last year quicker than we think!
Why wait for it to happen; it seems inevitable if the O-line isn't significantly improved. They're throwing our QB's to the wolves! I just wish Wally would for once gamble on a major trade - shake things up - you know, the Glen Sather gutsy kind of thing. Why not consider putting one of their receivers on the block to acquire somebody that knows what they're doing? Geez, it's top-heavy as it is. Unless I missed it, Paris Jackson wasn't thrown to all night! I bet Buck would love to have him in Winnipeg.

Paris Jackson had off-season knee surgery which has been causing swelling issues in practice and has compromised his speed. He’s playing tough but clearly, he needs to rest it. OTOH, Manny better start thinking “CFL” instead of “NFL” or he’ll be playing in the “UFL.”

I pin this loss on the coaches. Granted, the Lions had less time to prepare, but we were clearly out-coached by Sask, which gave us multiple looks on the defensive line and confused our young O-line all night. Where was the screen pass? Draw play? Rollout to opposite side they’re loading up? There are ways to counter the blitz and make them pay, but we continued the 3-5 step drop and hoped like hell our QBs could recognize the hot read before getting pounded to the turf.

The story of the game on defense was that we couldn’t stop Sask on 2nd and long all night. And the fact we kept going “2 and out” on offense eventually wore our defense out, hence the one-sided score.

I agree with you pasta but what can Wally do about it. Its not like we had the same O line players the last two Its years .

whoa get off the panic button. Many of the O line have played very few games so give them a few to get it together, if after a few more games they still have issues then go ahead and panic. Only 2 games and only one where the O line really looked poor so calm down.

Doing things like Sather is a bad bad idea. See what he has done in NY? lol

Ok.. so here are some thoughts... not mine because I don't want everyone going here is LeoFan hammering on Printers again, so I decided to put forward my wife's thoughts.. she really is not the biggest football fan but now goes with me so she can watch Joe Henderson.. she keeps telling me his is a perfect specimen (aka... eye candy). So she told me Printers is all over the place and looks like he has velcro on this throwing hand and the ball just stays there, in her opinion Lulay looks more like a leader. She asked about each player and knows there are a lot of rookies and new guys playing on the team.. so she just tells me give them time to gel. I think she is right.

So now I have to go out and get her a Joe Henderson jersey and get him to sign it!!! (guess I have to pick up my marathon training... yes I do run marathons.. besides Joe is much younger than me..) :smiley:

We have an O-line?
News to me. It didn't look like the riders had to go around/through anybody to get to the QB.

The Prairie Dogs from the "crotch of the country" spoiled the party. Somebody forgot to tell them we were supposed to win. The Lions (the mountains, not the team) definitely looked majestic on TV, much more West Coast than the sterile walls of BC Place Stadium. But concrete will be more comfortable during the predictably depressing downpours of October and November. Next year we'll have both, which is nice... Kudos to the commie counsel for allowing the Canadian Air Force to beat up the field at 7:05 precisely. Aaa luves F-18s....

Ditto the Commish's remarks about Empire Field: 'If we can build a 27,000 seat temp stadium in under 120 days for 15 million loons, what is preventing Halifax from adding more seating to their stadium? Maybe more Maritimers should vote Tory...

We should be better on both sides of the ball when Sherko and the Williams twins —sounds like a sitcom—get healthy. Tough seeing Printers/Lulay run for their lives. As bad as it was to watch our offensive line get shredded, our rookie linemen learned a lesson by getting lit up by superior competition. Hard to score points when the Greenies had the ball for 10 minutes more than us. A few highlights on offence: Jamal Robertson was solid, if unspectacular, with over five yards a carry, a catch and no fumbles against a tough front seven. Lulay looked poised, more so than Printers. (Read my lips: I'm NOT trying to start a QB controversy...yet.) Special teams were solid, except for one 20 yard punt return. Certainly there are positives to build on for next week.

Memo to Jacques Chapdelaine: Ever heard of draws and screens, to slow down the pass rush? Sacrebleu!

I hate seeing more key guys go down early. Are Casey Printers, Anton Mackenzie, O'Neal Wilson and Paris Jackson all question marks for next week's tilt against les Alouettes? Time will tell.

No bright lights this week on defence, a surprise given last week's solid outing. Mike Benevides's group needs to rebound with a good performance against Cavillo, whose protection looks questionable at times with Brian Chou now retired.

It's a long season and the new-look hoggies should improve as the season progresses. At least we're better than the Eskiblows so, like Wally says, lets not push the panic button...yet.

Dooger out. :cowboy:

Under "a few highlights on offence" you forgot Geroy!

Very good commentary Dooger. I loved the "from the crotch of the country" remark. Too funny! When you said next year "we'll have both" I do hope you were not meaning both the comfort of a heated protected concrete stadium and a view of the mountains cause it ain't gonna happen.

Concerning Printers et al who have all been injured; I hate to think it but even if they are all 100% the Lions will still draw the short straw. The O line is just too inexperienced. These things cannot be fixed in a few games. Lose enough times, lose games you should have won, lose games that are squeakers, lose games because of stupid ref calls and the players start playing head games with themselves. By then the season is over.

Great point about the lack of screen passing. Time and time again I've seen an experienced QB demolish the blitz using the screen pass but I don't think I saw one attempted this game. But maybe it's used more often when 6 or 7 Ds are coming at the QB. The commentator pointed out that the Lions' QB could never tell who was rushing, how many were going to rush and who was staying back. But I figure any O line should be able to give adequate pass protection if only 3 guys are rushing the QB.

Only a single TD in the first outing. A blow-out in the second. A reckoning with Montreal next week. The Lions will win some games and will quite possibly get into the playoffs given the way the playoffs are designed. I won't be holding my breath this season.

As far as next week is concerned we just need to ask ourselves, are the Lions stronger this season than last? I don't think so. And last season the Lions were blown out 56-18. That sums it up my mind what to expect this Friday.

I hope not, there is alway Buck Pierce…Oh wait he’s in Winnipeg… :roll: :roll: :roll:

I’d rather let Lulay get some “reps” than bring in an over-rated washed up QB.

We're gonna run Montreal right out of town on Friday Night Football. They looked terrible against Edmonton who did us a favor by letting Frito Ray toss a few lame interceptions to blow the game in that good old Eskie fashion.

I didn't watch the game Greatmystic- fell asleep. Was Montreal that bad? The final score sounded like a blowout to me. Hmmm....maybe I need to revise my Grey Cup prediction.

Hound - Put everything you got on the Lions. They're gonna be there with bells on.

Lions are going to be a slow starting team again this year