Thumbs Up to SportsNet Tim and Sid

Never thought I would see Rogers guys defending the CFL and stating how can you be a football fan and not support CFL or CIS football .

Tim Micallef who called the Vanier Cup was despondent at the attendance at the Vanier this year . They both called out southern Ontario for not showing up properly for both events .

One huge thumbs up :thup: to SportsNet It's good to hear this from the competition network .

They dissing the NFL only haters was good to witness . Tim said what I say every time how can you say you like football and crap on your own football doesn't make sense .

TSN needs to acquire U Sports and hire Tim he has a great broadcast voice and has real love of the game .


Good show by timandsid as they called out all the people who just watch one type of football and put down everything else. Sid said they're ignorant and need to broaden their horizons.

Too many pretend that the offerings from south of the border are superior to the CFL is an admittance that one has no clue as to the real nuance and value of football - be it high school , collegiate or professional.

This is also a very North American centric point of view. If people didn't watch their soccer league ranked 30th or 40th in the world, how could a country like Argentina or Uruguay become world champions. They follow the English or Spanish leagues but also they support local football.

Timid Sid only spoke up cuz they were caught in the maelstrom of a poorly attended Vanier Cup. Heck you could barely distinguish between having a game or cleaning the friggin' stands.

If it hadn't been Tim caught in the poverty of low attendance they wouldn't have said a word - or they woulda criticized TSN for poor pre-game promotion.

I find Sid annoying. He thinks he's funny and he's not.

They're both rather juvenile, catering to low IQ sports fans between 12 and 20.

They have far more production and hi-lites than the rather sour Bob McCown who attracts a far more mature national audience. But both shows basically repeat the same schtick show after show.

Timid Sid are basically trying to be the replacements for those two farm animals who did the late nite comedy bits on TSN and managed to get picked up by Fox TV in the USA. (the tall kid and the dopey one)

Surprised Rogers execs didn't fire them for going against company policy.

Bob McCown also attended the Grey Cup with his wife. It was a positive PTS show for the most part. Don't know who is guest was but he was upbeat about Argos and the CFL. How could you not be after last nights game.

That game was the best advert the CFL could ever have. The slummers are hopping back aboard!