Thumbs up to Ask the Ref

Just wanted to say that I have appreciated the Ask the Ref section. The responses have been timely and informative!

agreed, now if only we didn't need to ask so many questions :wink:

We only ask them cause we're too lazy to read the rule book

I still have to ask them a question abou the import rule, but it is a realyy cool feture!

Is your question "If Alaska becomes part of Canada, are alaskan's considerred imports?"

Close! My question is, "if an Import becomes a Canadian citizen, is he still an import?"

Kanga, my guess would be yes, otherwise all of these imports would be getting canadian citizenships to make themselves more valueable players

Yes, they are. Citizenship has nothing to do with determining whether you're an import or a non-import. That is determined by whether or not you've played football outside of Canada. If you have, and never played in Canada before your 17th birthday, you're an import. If you have never played football outside of Canada, or if you have but also played in Canada before turning 17 (eg high school) then you are a non-import.

It is possible (though rare) to be born and raised in Canada, but still be considered an import. It is also possible (though equally rare) to be born and raised in the U.S. and be considered a non-import.

The rule sounds a little fuck ed up to me. Should be based on citzenship,that way those who are foreners and love the game can become non imports and those who are just here to jumpto the NFL, etc can be imports.

I think the rule is this way due to various Human Rights legislations. Thou shalt not discriminate based on nationality . . . . Discriminating against you based on your school, however, seems to be OK.

I'm not saying that there shouldn't be an Import rule, cuz god konws there needs to be one, but I'd like to make it so that a player who has played in the CFL for a long team and has gottan used to the rules and isn't going to jump ship, should be a non import.

Good point kanga...but if flutie was considerred a non import (I know qb's don't count), I don't think it would have stopeed him from going to the NFL