THUMBS DOWN directv nfl network!

Here it is RIDER GAME DAY and to my shock I see that the previously scheduled programming tonight at 930 pm EDT on nfl network has somehow disappeared down a "orwellian memory hole". I had the RIDER GAME set to go on my direct tv autotune, yet when I checked the schedule this morning I saw NO mention of the Rider CFL game! :frowning:
I knew there was some good that came out of the nfl lock out, more cfl programming here in the States. Sad to see these past few weeks of Rider watching may have concluded for a while. Online Ive got espn 3 of course, yet that is VERY choppy sub standard video quality.

I am really glad the folks at CKRM remewed their domain name and restored Riderville so I can hear CKRM pre game / live game/ and post game coverage.

I've checked other "past homes' to the CFL here on USA tv but no other listings.