Thu Jul 31 Hamilton @ Montreal Should be Train Trip

I think the Train Trip should be Held July 31st.
It should be an overnight.
The Trip is hell other wise.
last year End up not going.

Come into Montreal Game day Thursday.
Party in Montreal after the game.
Stay over night
go back on Friday.

i would stay overnight, but for alot of families it is really a good deal to go somewhere and see a new place without having to break the bank. Maybe they should have two different options, a one day option or an overnight option.

If where lucky The Universities
Will open dorm Rooms. They are cheep.

I am in for an overnight stay train trip

and a dormitory room is a good idea, Tom.

it would be great over night being that Aug 1st is a holiday is it not?

last years was great cuz it was on a Saturday

i am not too sure if I really want to take 2 days off work considering i only get 10 and have to save 4 for christmas

if only....the holiday is Monday, August 4th making Friday Aug 1st a working day for most.....

I don't know if we'll be going if it's on the Thursday. We'd both have to take 2 days off of work and I dno't know if we'd want to do that.

It the only Day we could do it for Montreal
The Next Time The Weather will be too cold.
Unless we go to the peg or Toronto in Aug.

Looking forward to seeing you all....I'll be at IWS on June 26th.

For anybody interested in getting tickets for 7/31, I may have 2 high up on the goal line Section K2, would trade for good tickets for June 26th game in IWS.

As you well know, tickets in Mtl are hard to find.

Come on ,Tom. It's football. Toughen up lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really Walking around In Summer in Montreal is great.
But in Fall the I want to say close to home.

count me in for the over night deal.. Montreal is a great place to party..

Plus, there the "other" benefits of walking around in Montreal in the summer... :wink:

Right Russ?

You read my Mind Russ.