Thryllin' Dylan on TSN!!!

Thryllin' Dylan on TSN Pregame.

My Finance and I will be on the Riders-Bommbers pregame making melons for The TSn panel!!!!

I cannot wait to see it.

I will be at the game and record it though.

I hope you have an extra large melon to fit Schultz... :lol: :lol: better not break my TV...

Great news, I'm sure your cousin is really excited about being on TSN. :wink:

You know I couldn't pass that one up, cue the banjo music.

...make sure there's the special helmet add-on for know, the one where a rather large piece of melon rind is shoved into his yap, rendering him entirely speechless...

ROFL. This I've got to see.

I have to hand it to you, not many people would have the courage to hang out with their accountant on national tv. :lol:

Nice noggin Thryllin! You need one of those giant size melons to cap that bean! :lol:

...your fly was open..., that was pretty cool man, congrats...hope your PVR was turned on...

That was hilarious! VERY cool!

Best looking accountant ever too :wink:


I wrote the message in a rush.

I obviously meant to say Fiancè.

I actually hurt my neck pulling that melon off my head. The suction I created jamming it on like that was unforseen.


Any chance of posting that video here?

PS- never mind, I just finished watching it on

Cool I just watched it on too.

I really hope that page stays functional . . . forever.

Will it? I hope so.

Yes I did record it on my DVR.

haaha, i recoginzed ya without readin this. and nice hat =P

i liked the one they got clime to wear... but schultz looks fuuny cuz he's too big for most melon hats.. lol

As Sexy as I find Trylinns photo... you've takin it one step futher in checking ou his package.

Humiliating a guy for having his barn door open and saying he's sexy are two very different things, bud...sorry, but your attempt to deflect criticism from yourself on this one is pretty lame...:wink:

Nice work!