Throws with authority

I was at the game tonight and when Porter's came in and started throwing it I couldn't believe it. I have not seen someone throw the ball like that since Mcmanus was QB. Honestly he reminds me alot of him just by the way he plays, except that run he made there was no way Danny could do that :slight_smile: In saying that I was reading some of the other posts on Porter and had to lauph. It sounds like the same posts of Williams 3 weeks ago, just insert different name. Everybody wanted Williams in and critisized the move to make Porters back up but now Porter is going to be the saviour.
Yes I am excited about this guy because he was impressive tonight and I think a Porters/Williams tandem will look dandy next year.

Like my other post , Porter looked great, typical All American trainged QB, drop back then fire, he can run as well, didnt seem like they had any pressure on him, thats what happens when you do your reads quickly then release ( just like Danny Mac) Lets see how he does when the other team studies some film on him

Yeah, he also reminded me of McManus. Very poised back there.

I agree that he looked poised, but he often seemed to not put much mustard on the ball at all. There was one toss to the flat during the 3rd that I was surprised wasn't picked off.

I'm excited at his potential though. His composure in the pocket was like night and day compared to Printers. Maybe because he hasn't taken the same beatings Printers has yet.

During training camp Porter was our fastest (at running) QB.

Good point.

I'm reminded of what Kerwin bell once said of danny's running ability. "You don't time Danny McManus with a stop watch, you time him with a calendar."

Porter reminds me of a young Mike Kerrigan.

You're kidding right??

I was laughing at how how everybody thinks Porter is the saiour. Yes I was impressed with him but he like any rookie will take time and I think they should give him that chance

Let's all throw palms at his feet!!!!!!