Throwing Balls into Crowds

I think I just came up with an original post!!!
When players throw balls into the crowd, are they still charged the cost of the ball by the League? I know in the OLD days the players were warned of such costly gestures. Commentators used to say "well there goes this games paycheck!" It seems like there's an epidemic of ball throwing going on in the CFL this year.
Why, I've even seen guys throwing balls into the crowd even though their TD was called back on a penalty. Guys even throw balls into the crowd if they make an interception! Is it because there's a glut of beef on the Market? ( I know, I know it's called a pigskin, but it's really made from leather...) Will all this ball throwing stop when the U.S. opens up the border to Canadian Beef?? Is Wilson behind this in some form of subliminal advertising??? Good people of this forum, I implore you,....enlighten me!!

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they pay the cost of the ball, which is about $90, last i heard

Wow 32001, how can they afford that on their meagre salaries?

The border was opened up like 3 days ago…


I'm glad I stopped by to read this thread. I now feel informed. Can't wait to get to my hobo park bench to discuss this matter with my girl.

I can’t believe I have to defend my position on this, but, it will be appealed again by the Yanks, Statik.

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I can't recall where I read about this, but I was of the belief how the home team is responsible for the game balls. Just like in baseball.

That’s pretty funny.

I hope they don’t fine players too much for throwing the ball into the crown, because I cannot think of anything that would make a better souvenior for a fan the a used gameball.