Throwback uniform request for 2021


Would like to see the away Houston Oilers-like throwback uniform in Montreal for at least one game this season.

Would like to see the Concordes as well.

If or when a stadium is built in Nova Scotia/Halifax the Toronto Argonauts should play at least one regular season game each year there with this gimmick -- the Argos wear those popular Schooner uniforms you see on the internet as a gesture of goodwill. The scoreboard would still say Toronto so everyone knows it's a gesture of goodwill and fun for the local Atlantic fans.

I'm against expansion because the league isn't getting tremendous support in all of its current markets of 60,000+ fans per game paying top dollar to be there. No need to lose more money collectively. Once you sap up the available multi-millionaires to pay for this league, you are forced to fold teams either during the season or in the off season as an emergency measure.

I know that doesn't have anything to do with Montreal, but it is a uniform change of sorts that is comparable to a team that no longer exists (Concordes) being worn by the Alouettes. That's the same as the Argos wearing a Schooner uniform for a day.

That being said it would be GREAT if the Argos did their pregame warmups in their Argo outfits only to change to their Schooner outfits in their last visit to the locker room before player introductions.

And just how do you put 60K plus into stadiums that hold 35K or less? You do need good support but not 60,000 everywhere.

That uniform was worn by the Concord, not the Als so it is not a throwback
So then that would be a no


How about a throwback game for the fans? a marketing thing, fans dress up in 70s or 80s outfits along with the team throwback uniforms.
Maybe some concession prices with throwback prices?

In a low-margin league the cost of game-specific uniforms seems an unlikely expense ... unless the manufacturer feels the uniforms can generate merchandise sales and decides to make them under some sort of cut-rate / profit share arrangement

I'd buy this jersey for sure:

Plus a white one in the same colour scheme!


My late mother's all-time favourite Alouette

The Alouettes should return to the 1949 - 1959 uniforms with the winged helmet and white uniform with red stripes.....Simple and Classic.
BTW this concept was copied by Calgary ---- check it out

Especially since their uniforms are season old

The Alouettes should keep their current uniform, mainly because I just bought a jersey! :wink:

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Faire ça à Montréal de nos jours enverrait un mauvais message. Ce n'est pas pour rien qu'il y a du bleu et du blanc dans les couleurs de toutes les équipes professionnelles de Montréal.

I don't want the Alouettes to mimic Les Canadiens though. The Alouettes didn't start to do that until 1974. The Alouettes were their own team with their own colours through to the end of the 1973 season and I liked it that way.


A bunch of that year's gear went up for sale a few years ago on Ebay, I was shocked how quick it got snapped up. Might be the rarest CFL uniforms around.

I wonder how long they will stick with the bizarre yet eccentric Helmet logo.

Clearly I'm not the only one who likes those jerseys then and there's a market for them. If the Alouettes are smart they'll take note and resurrect those for a third throwback jersey.


Incidentally, did you buy at least one yourself?


I bid on some but got nowhere near. I figured I had a shot at a nylon two piece coaching rain gear. It went for over 200us from memory. There was a jersey and a couple other items that went for more. I find them pretty hideous but figured the rarity would make them valuable one day. Seems they already were.