Throw the Book at Khalif Mitchell for Dirty Play on Rottier

Mitchell sure went down a peg in my book last night. I don't care how much of a blind fan of the Lions anyone is, we cannot countenance the kind of violent, unprovoked, unsportsmanlike behaviour such as Mitchell displayed last night at BC place against Edmonton on July 20th. I hope Commissioner Mark Cohon throws the book at him, right to the upper limit of the discipline language in the league CBA. Don't forget, Mitchell has pulled this type of horses#%t before, so he should be treated as a repeat offender by the league Commissioner, both in terms of games missed and salary forfeited to the injured player —Simeon Rottier— or to a worthwhile charity in Rottier's name. There is no place for that in athletics, at any level.

I also intend to complain directly to BC Lions management and I urge other like-thinking fans to do the same. I also hope other regulars to this site agree and will do so here and at the Surrey office.Their phone number is 604 930-5466.

Dooger out. :thdn:

The TSN panel suggested that there is no limit to the discipline that can be handed down to Mitchell. We'll have to wait and see what Cohon does with this. It had better be something significant, since the CFL will have a serious public relations nightmare on their hands if it isn't. Like the TSN panel said, Mitchell must be made an example of in order to get these types of inexcusable actions to stop.
In fact, if I was the management of the BC LIons, I wouldn't wait for Cohon's ruling on this issue. I would have the team punish Mitchell before Cohon even gets to make his own announcement, including the possibility of releasing him. That would go a long way in helping the public relations for the BC LIons organization. Do you think Wally Buono would do anything like this? If I were David Braley or Dennis Skulsky, I would order Buono to deal with it immediately!
I also found it interesting when Chris Schultz on the TSN panel kept suggesting that the action was pre-meditated and intentional. It almost sounded as if he would like to see some sort of criminal charges brought up against Mitchell above and beyond what the league imposes on him. I would certainly agree with it if it was possible, but even if it were possible, it would be difficult to prove that there was actual pre-meditation and malicious intent.

This needs to be delt with quickly so the teams and league can move on. I wouldn't want this to drag on as its a black eye for the league. As far as Mitchell is concerned he should not be fined why take food and shelter from his family but a suspension of the remainder of the year and including playoffs as well as some counselling, for me this is what i would like .

I believe Mitchell needs to have "the book thrown" at him too. However the agreement between the CFLPA and the CFL ties the hands of the Commisioner. Cohen can suspend him however long he wants, but the CFLPA will appeal, it will go to arbitration, and whatever punishment Cohen hands out will be reduced to one game and the maximum allowable fine.

We've seen this plot before....only the charecters and names have changed.

Kinda odd how the players union will step in to protect a player who deliberately tried to injure another player in the same union. Which one takes precedent over the other.

Sad thing is, the hit Jimenez did several years ago on that ended that kids career in Calgary was much more severe than what Mitchell did. All Jimenez got was a token slap on the wrist.

thing is, even though what JJ is worse, it is harder to be sure of his intent, even though we all beleive we know. NO doubt whatsoever in any rational unbiased mind about KM

I know Mitchell appealed the ruling. But I've been away is their any update.

Tomorrow August 9th we’ll find out.

I would love it if they increased the suspension.

So, its 1:30 Pacific time, 4:30 Eastern…Anyone heard how the hearing went? Did the CFLPA undermine Commisioner Cohen yet?

Still no word and It's Aug 13, what a joke .