Throw the Book at Khalif Mitchell for Dirty Play on Rottier

Mitchell sure went down a peg in my book last night. I don't care how much of a blind fan of the Lions anyone is, we cannot countenance the kind of violent, unprovoked, unsportsmanlike behaviour such as Mitchell displayed last night at BC place against Edmonton on July 20th. I hope Commissioner Mark Cohon throws the book at him, right to the upper limit of the discipline language in the league CBA. Don't forget, Mitchell has pulled this type of horses#%t before, so he should be treated as a repeat offender by the league Commissioner, both in terms of games missed and salary forfeited to the injured player —Simeon Rottier— or to a worthwhile charity in Rottier's name. There is no place for that in athletics, at any level.

I also intend to complain directly to BC Lions management and I urge other like-thinking fans to do the same. I also hope other regulars to this site agree and will do so here and at the Surrey office. Their phone number is 583-6241.

Dooger out. :thdn: