Through the Lens: Saskatchewan at Hamilton

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Riders should fire head coach for wrong decision that made the team lost. This is the clear wrong decision for 3rd such lost.

Before the half time, riders were within 30 yard line and 3rd down and could have get jist 3 points. Instead they did an insite kick and lost 3 points. If they up by that 3 points, last minutes they should have set up for 3 points.

I’d have to go back and re- watch but I think they were on the 35, which would have made it a 42 yarder into a pretty stiff wind. No guarantee there and if it’s wide Woods is a pretty dangerous returner. I was still a bit surprised they didn’t try but the onside kick wasn’t a bad play, Evans just did a nice job of high pointing the ball and recovering g it, otherwise Sask guy was right there.