Thriller Half-time show

Ticats TV has put the Halloween half-time show online. It's a remake of the Thriller video, with Stripes in Michael Jackson's role. I'm not a fan of Jackson, but I am a fan of that video. And this was so well done, I wanted everyone who wasn't at the game on Halloween to see what they missed.

That's cheerleading coach/TV personality Lesley Stewart as the girlfriend, and of course the cheerleaders as the zombies.

Great job! :rockin:

That's pretty good! Well done! She's kinda hot :smiley: Thanks for that.

that was better production quality then most canadian cinima. good on ya bob young.

How many Canadian movies have you seen hothead?

honestly... i grew up with pesent vision till i was about 16. so i watch cbc every thursday night... cinima Canada night. i still watch canadian movies. Young people F-ing was the last one i watched. some real bad ones over the years though... paint cans.. aweful. Naked lunch... terrible. Men with brooms... not too shabby. Porky's one and two... pretty good. Shadow of the wolf... terrible. and the list goes on. Any movie by bruce McDonald is Good. his road movies were good. especially HArdCoreLogo. Dance me outside was a little fun. They tried ot make a couple canadian hockey movies... not Good at all. So yeah... Canadian cinima has been a part of my life for a very long time. reminds me... i just watched this aweful canadian vampire movie. but i cant watch a movie and not finish it. daym space channel.

that's awesome! :rockin:

I was at Ivor to see the game and i thought the halftime show sucked :frowning: :thdn:

Maybe because you came all this way to see your team down 21-6 at the half? Just a guess :lol:
Just pokin' fun there Jake, Rider's are my second favourite team. Good luck against Calgary
GO CATS GO! :rockin: :rockin:

You do realize there has been literally tens of thousands of Canadian movies made don't you? No offense, but, it appears that you've watched relatively few. You also didn't name one single classic, such as Montreal Main, Nobody Waved Goodbye, Mon Oncle Antoine, l'ange et la femme, or even Passchendaele, which, like the story or not, has very high production values. You also never mentioned a single Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter) film, nothing by Norman Jewison (Agnes of God), James Cameron (Titanic), Sarah Polley (Away From Her), Deepa Mehta (Fire), Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters), Paul Haggis (Due South), Denis Arcand (Jesus of Montreal), David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises), or many, many others, including anything by the NFB and the pioneers of documentary and animation. You admirably mentioned Bruce Macdonald, but given your previous statement about production values, the praise rings pretty hollow.

When people slag Canadian films, they are usually basing their opinion (if it even is their opinion and not simply someone Else's) on a handful of mediocre commercial movies. In fact, some of the greatest directors, writers, of producers and pioneers of cinema were/are Canadian, and those people have created some of the most commercially successful movies of all time. Today, a good portion of what you watch at the movies and on TV are made in Canada, using Canadian directors, writers, producers, actors and myriad crew. So, don't take Canadian cinema lightly. It is no longer fashionable, funny, or even correct to suggest that most Canadian movies have poor production values. That simply isn't the case.

I apologize for the angry tone of my reply. I know you didn't mean to provoke such a response, but I get very, very tired of hearing again and again that Canadian cinema has poor production values. Most people haven't seen enough Canadian movies to fairly make such a statement, and those who have would never say such a thing.

As for hockey movies, there is only one good hockey movie, and while that was made by Americans, it was largely about Canadians. :smiley: One of my favourite movies by the way. Can you name it?

Miracle on Ice?


Thryllin' loved that Thyller halftime show. 8)

ok.. obviously some people have issues taking the odd stray comment. sayin the halftime show was better then canadian cinima was like saying, "my basement is colder then most refrigerators." now we all know it isnt... it was just a point of sayin i apreciated the work the cats put into it.

Now on your other comments, i have watched many many canadian movies, i was just highlighting a few of them. Now, i am Canadian, so we dont need to call me a turn coat or anything... i mean, look at my name. Just because i film has a canadian actor, or canadian director, such as titanic, or Ghost busters, does not make it a canadian film. if it cant be nominated for a canadian film award, then its not canadian. calling titanic Canadian is like calling the st. louis rams canadian, since the franchise player is Canadian. For the record, Jesus of montreal, like most french Canadian fims... was crap. I mentioned some of the ones people might reconize. Hopefully this debate, especially in this thread... is Done. thank you cats for having fun with your half time show.

You're not talking about Thralls, are you? I've seen it on Space a couple times. It was pretty bad... :lol:

dood, it was seriously that movie. the only bonus at all was the swollen members video at the end of it. i honestly thought i was the only person in the world who saw that movie.

I thought the halftime show video was ok, but when compared to the one we had at BC Place on halloween, it was miles ahead in entertainment value.

We had two women singing about the new skytrain line :roll: which has to be one of the stupidest subjects for a song ever.

As for good Canadian movies, I thought The Delicate Art of Parking was quite funny

i do apologise for starting a conversation about canadian film. and yes, i too would like to see sarah polly on a pole...