Three way trade in the works Ottawa-Calgary-Hamilton?


Rumour has Ottawa REDBLACKS trading the #1 overall pick & rights to Marwan Hage to Calgary for OL Jon Gott.

No way Hage is interested in going to Calgary so Tillman is in there somewhere.

Trade has been announced by the league,between Ottawa and Calgary.

I wonder who Calgary will choose. Most probably not a centre-Lavertu- or Goosen-he could play guard.

I say David Foucault or Quinn Smith.

We will have the answer in roughly 15 minutes.


Hage might become available at some point if he decides his career isn't over. Quality o-lineman are anything but a dime a dozen.

How can CFL GMs complain about the lack of Canadian talent but then not accomidate Canadian player life/work balance. Obviously Ottawa could not get anything out of Hamilton for Hage so now Calgary will try to get something out of Hamilton. Hamilton should offer a 6th round pick and put an end to this stupidity. Let Hage live in his city where his business intrests lie.Why ruin his football career?

I don't get this trade at all. They have Brett Jones from last years draft at centre, add the rights to Hage who is a centre, then draft Lavertu, a player projected that centre is his ideal spot. I get that Lavertu could play other positions, but still, bit of a head scratcher. And from Ottawa's perspective, you have a chance to draft a froncophone player which would help with their marketing in the area, and their first pick ever, and who could play conceivable the next 5 to 10 yrs for them. It seemed like a perfect match and they give it up for a 6 yr vet with a lot of mileage? And not getting at least a mid range pick in the deal either which Calgary has a surplus of?

How is it the responsibility of Ottawa, or now BC, to make Hamilton better? UFAs get to pick where they play and he wasn't.

Hage may be more tempted to play for a team that has a serious shot at the Grey Cup than he was to play for an expansion team. Or, if Calgary only picked him up with the idea of seeing what they can get from Hamilton, Hage could force their hand by reporting. If he isn't in their plans he would be a pricey reserve.

Maybe they plan to trade Jones or want to protect themselves in the event Jones leaves after this year. Sucks for Winnipeg they always seem to get jumped.

My first thought was maybe Jones was taking time off since he was going back to school. Even if they play Lavertu at a different spot on the line, still has to be a coup for Huffer. Gets a good young player and the first pick overall and didn't have to pay a huge price.

Calgary had a HUGE draft. Best available player Lavertue, Best player Tardif, Best athlete , Best kicker, Best DT...Crazy

Calgary lost their perrenial all-star o-lineman in Dimitri Tsoumpas who retired this off-season due to some long term injury he sustained. Lavertu is probably pegged as his replacement. Gott is good, but has not reached all-star potential which Lavertu seems to possess. More of a 6th lineman who can sub in the interior if needed.

Not sure about the deal with Hage. Wonder if there is some indication he might play elsewhere for a contender? Hufnagel maybe has a deal for some Tim Horton's franchises in Calgary for Marwan!!

...I think there's some method in Huffers madnsess...He knows the top player who is most CFL ready was Lavertu and is putting him in the bank for a future deal....Jones isn't leaving Cal. anytime soon so there has to be an ulterior motive.. My take, look for a Stamps deal down the road concerning Lavertu... :wink:

I don't know man but what a draft him and Murphy put together.


Maybe you're right too about Jones leaving. Jones is he's from Weyburn, SK, just like LaBatte who bolted the Bombers to play at home in SK. I wonder if maybe he tried to extend Jones after his great rookie season and Jones said no so he's protecting himself in case he does leave.

Trade was complete actually on Monday, but wasn't announced until draft day.
Gott was in town ( girlfriend works here) and was on his way back to Calgary when he got the call saying he was traded to Ottawa.

Very excited to be here.


What you call mileage I call experience? The guy is 28 years old, not exactly preparing for retirement quite yet.

"Probably not a centre - Levertu" ??

The guy is reportedly tough as nails and will play through anything, but that can take it's toll too. Gott is a guy that reportedly has played through multiple injuries over his 6 seasons, including concussions, and he played with a bad elbow injury in the 100th Grey Cup which by all accounts required him to basically try block with one arm during the game. He played a number of weeks in college with torn ligaments in his foot. Those types of things, while admirable, can take a physical toll on the body over time if not treated properly, which is what I was referring to as mileage. While I don't care for Gott personally, given the dirty hit on Ryan Lucas last year vs the bombers that resulted in season ending injury, he's a good lineman and will be a good centre for Ottawa like he was for Calgary before they drafted Brett Jones. I just think Lavertu could've been a good player for the RBs as well and offered more upside for the franchise in a PR. I'm sure picking up Gott plays well with the idea of win now for the RB fans.

They may not have been fully aware that they would at the time that the trade was made, but they DID end up with Pruneau in the middle of the round. And they already have a handful of French-speaking players (though whether they all make the roster remains to be seen).

I don't want them putting too much weight on the French thing. In all "all other things being equal" scenario, it's a nice-to-have but it should be last among the checkmarks. They're drafting players, not media reps.

I keep hearing that Lavertu is as "pro-ready" as anyone coming out of the draft. Well, that may be, but he's not more pro-ready thanh a 5-year vet. And while the RedBlacks did sing a lot of older guys, not many of those are on the line. So while I can't predict that the move will be absolutely great, I understand it.

You may have heard, too, that Gott's girlfriend is fro Ottawa. So that helped make the trade appealing for him. :wink: And he may be easier to retain as a result come contract time.

Player retention is a big part of the picture for teams. Pruneau is downright excited about going to Ottawa, close enough to home. When your seeing guys like Butler, Muamba leave after their first contract you have to think of these things.

So now we just have to make sure that Gott and his girlfriend stay together. I'm going to find her on Twitter and remind her of what a great guy he is. :wink: