Three Veterans Released

[url=] ... story.html[/url] loss, Carter is very effective at FB........and great receiving, we should use him more in that role.

Keeping...........again, no loss, we're fine with Williams and Claybrooks in the DT spots, and Keeping never impressed me when he was with the Argos (didn't impress the Argos very much either, it would seem, as they benched him and went and acquired Belli to replace him).

Thurmon...........the only one that surprises me. With Richardson potentially heading south again, I thought we'd keep Thurmon around.

Agreed on all counts. The writing has been on the wall for Vilimek for a while now. Carter is just a better fullback in every aspect of the game, and like you said, is actually a serviceable receiver option. He was a nice checkdown option for Calvillo this year when he got pressured in the pocket.

Keeping is fluff. We already rotate Eric Wilson in the interior to keep Williams and Claybrooks fresh.

Thurmon's release does surprise me, with our level of uncertainty at receiver. Richardson will definitely head south, Cahoon may retire, and Watkins might still give the NFL a shot (futile, because he isn't good enough, but unfortunately he doesn't know that). Thurmon is a solid possession slotback with decent size. I'm surprised we're cutting him loose. Maybe Popp knows something about his injury status?

I was just reading that article on the main page....I dont mean to go off topic but
Is it me or does the way Herb starts that article make it seem like he is insinuating that the Als are over the cap?

I don't believe they are but Herb always has to have a negative spin on things

Well, it's one of two things.

Either Herb always has a negative spin on things.

Or ro1313 always has a negative spin on whatever Herb has to say.

Take your pick.

Having read the article, I will agree with ro here. Herb is lapsing back into his usual underhanded put-downs of Als management, no matter how little material he has to work with. He calls the Keeping signing something that “hardly reflects well on the Als” because he got injured and his salary was reputed to be six figures. Yet he also mentions that due to being on the IR, Keeping’s salary never counted against the cap. So basically, what he’s saying is: Popp is to blame for Keeping getting injured. :smiley: :smiley:

Gotta love Herb Z and his transparent vendettas.