Three turkeys on Turkey Weekend

On this Thanksgiving Day a big thank you for the Argos - Ti-Cats game Friday night (even though the last three minutes of that game was torture for Cats fans like me), because the other three games this holiday weekend - total turkeys. :frowning:

I'm happy. I went 4-0. :lol:

naah, the only game that sucked was the montreal win. :thdn:

More excitement in the 2014 season.. Dont forget that Fridays game had penalties on almost every play

As a Lions fan I thought you would be happy.

I want montreal out. They lose and BC still have two or three chances at the playoffs. Sask winning wouldn't really hurt them much unless they failed to win their games.

Week in and week out, it's pretty much only the Tiger-Cats who can assure you of an exciting game. Anyone else playing, and there's a good chance of a blowout.

That's true ExPat - almost every Cats game has been in doubt until the last couple of minutes or couple of seconds - all season long.

No bigger turkey than last night's NFL game!!!!!

You have nothing to worry about. With the Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal playing so many times against each other the last 4 weeks, B.C. with their 8th win this past Saturday pretty much assured themselves of a crossover at the very least (still might be the Riders). Unless all three contending Eastern teams all finish 8-10, and B.C. Lose their last 3, there will be a crossover.

Yup it was apparently a turkey too that had I tried to watch I would have likely given up by early in the third quarter like what happened with the three CFL games I did watch on TV this weekend. (I was at the Cats - Argos game) - but I didn't see the NFL turkey because I was eating turkey while enjoying my family Thanksgiving dinner last night.

Argos - Cats 34 - 33 thrilling finish - that the refs tried to kill with 40 penalty calls that they insisted on conferencing on most for 30 seconds before announcing the call - but enough exciting play to salvage that game.

The other three - not so much with a combined score of 122 - 21. Not quite the holiday weekend of CFL football I was hoping for.

Hope you guys like leftover turkey. 3 more turkeys coming up next

BigDave may get a new record for players going 4 - 0 in next weekends VGCC......vbg

Maybe the Three Turkey's on the TSN Panel, Climie, Dunigan and Schultz, wait Rod Black as well, four Turkey's, like Black said over and over again, Duron Carter is the Son of Hall of Fame NFL receiver Chris Carter of ESPN man if Black blows any more smoke up Carters arse he'll ruin his Turkey as well.