Three Things To Be Excited About

I feel like a little kid at Christmas.

I am so excited about what is to take place in this last portion of the season.

In this order:

1 - Week 16 and 17 back to back Lions and Bombers. This will show the more likely to take second place.

2 - Week 17 and 18 back to back Ti-Cats and RedBlacks. This battle should determine first and second.

3 - The race to the finish line between Esks and Argos for third in the East.
Either the defending champ or Grey Cup host will miss the play-offs.

I would be interested to know how excited others are about these 3 issues or another one I have overlooked.

This wind down is going to be so much fun.

Saturday October 22 is the date that Montreal and Regina have been looking forward to all season - - that one should decide who finishes second last.

[i]Johnny is excited about Kent Austin's upcoming suspension! :smiley:

Shovelface is gonna get some time off. He will get to watch his team on TV while wearing his pyjamas. [/i]

Yes, I was thinking about that one.

That will be for bragging rights NOT to be on the bottom.

Just a friendly reminder........just in case ya haven't placed yer vote yet in the ballot box..... :rockin: and remember , vote early ,vote often. :thup:


That doesn't make sense. The Riders will be tied with the Argos at midnight Oct. 15 so how will the Oct 22nd game With The Als decide last place?

LOL at Rider Fan - - pulls off a miracle against a mediocre opponent and then automatically assumes his team will go on the road and win two straight.

How long until we see some Rider Math projecting how the playoffs are still a possibility?

You looked into your crystal ball did you ?

Nonsensical projections like that seems more like the influence of crystal meth than the influence of a crystal ball.


I just called it as I seen it my friend. Just here to educate and enlighten you, drug free, my friend.

That race is over now. Argos only hope of playoffs is to win their final 2 and Hamilton to lose their final 3, anything else and the Argos finish third in the east at best.

We don't know who the crossover team will be, but it is settled that 4th in the west will crossover to the east. Even if Edmonton loses their last 3 neither the Argos or Als can catch them. The only question left in that race is will Edmonton, BC or Winnipeg go east.

Montreal is still mathematically in it. They are in the same boat as Toronto, they have to win their final 3 and Hamilton must lose their final 3. And Montreal could possibly finish in 3rd ahead of Toronto as they are only 2 points behind Toronto with a game in hand. If Toronto and Montreal finished tied in points, Montreal would get higher position for winning season series on points scored 55-41

3 way tie for second in the East still in play but Hamilton would win all tie breakers as they have season series with both Toronto and Montreal. Toronto holds no series tie breakers

Too much to overcome this late in the season for Toronto and Montreal

At least they will each get a high first round draft pick.....oh wait....... :smiley:

Montreal and Toronto are still alive. Made for a strange situation this weekend; Montreal and Toronto loses guaranteed a western crossover yet eliminated no one from the playoffs. That final game between Toronto and Edmonton will be meaningless to the Esks as far as making the playoffs but could affect their position in the standing.

LOL. Does this mean you'll disappear for good this time Runt?

I wonder how deep that hole he slithers into is. The guy cant see the forest for the trees. Has some decent observations when the blinders come off, but he cant keep them off.

Johnny is excited about the Alouettes season ending. The horror...