Three things I hope to see

Three things I hope to see:

I would love to see Taffe find away to use both QB’s effectively during the game rather than waiting for one to fail and the other come in out of desperation.

Use Cory Holmes and Jesse in the same backfield. It will simply give th QB more time, as the defence will have two explosive running backs to worry about.

A punt return for loner than 10 yards

Good luck Cats


There's a guy that hasn't been getting many more touches per game than his number, who may help in this area. WHY NOT USE HIM!

Three things I hope to see:

  1. Refs who call the game fairly.
  2. Refs who call the game competently.
  3. Fewer Video reviews.

From the TigerCats:

  1. Lumsden behind that O line.
  2. Swing passes to Holmes in the flat.
  3. Moreno and the defence lay a beating.
  1. A win
  2. A win
  3. A win

That means that everything else went good, so i just trumped everyone and this thread can be locked now. lol

(1) a Win
(2) Offence Scoreing Touchdowns and not Just Taking 3
(3) Kevin Glen Knock out of the game

Leslie in the new uniform.

Pigskin back.

Jets and fireworks.

  1. Better play form the receivers. (No drops, get open, go after the pigskin)

  2. Fewer penalties.

  3. Strong game from Maas.