Three teams, One spot, what team will claim it ?

With five teams playing winning football and three teams cleary not it looks like the Lions, Eskimos and Bombers are going to fight it out for the last playoff spot. Who do youthink will land the last spot ?

If jyles can get it together Winnipeg may give BC a run for their money but of those 3 only BC has shown signs of improvement.

However making the playoffs may hurt the one that does make it. Rewarding medocracy and bad play with a playoff spot would simply put off rebuilding another year. All 3 of those teams need to bring in new - young blood and let them play. It is already next year time for them in my opinion.

with the lions having casey printers back in the lineup, im going with the lions.
wally seems to be making moves to solidify their O-line, so that can only help.

the eskimos are a joke, and the bombers are going nowhere fast.


...not a bad point, unless things drastically change for one of these three teams they should be able to, with all due respect, decline the post-season game, sort of a 'not sure if we can make it, please go ahead without us' RSVP to the league office...

We know one of them will make it - they have to. My point is that I would think that all 3 of those teams should care less about making that last spot and more about next year and begin rebuilding for it now. If they take a "we can do it with this team" approach they are in my opinion simply putting of the inevitable task of rebuilding. I would rather see one of those 3 make it in because of new and young blood ( which would give them something to build on even if they loose badly ), instead of holding the line, just making it and then facing this issue next year. As a Rider fan I enjoy seeing my team win, however as a CFL fan I do not enjoy the clear divide between haves and have nots ..... if that makes sense

The Bombers have the best D of the three, so if the Bomber offence can get more consistent, then IMO, they have the best chance.

The Esks have shown they can beat BC and Sask... with a few games left against those - plus some against Toronto and Wpg - I'd say they have the edge. Not much of one, but one all the same.

True enough PRJack on the Eskies; loseing to Cagary is one thing, flip side of the coin the Esk's have shown signs they "CAN" compete with other teams. May/likely go down to the wire to see which one of the three gets the sixth seed.

Whatever team faces Esks/Lions?Bombers will essentially get a bye week. :lol:

As for the Esks' win against Sask. Please. Some times bad teams beat good teams. The Raiders have sucked for years, yet last season they beat the 7-2 Bengals. It happens. Doesn't mean a damn thing, though.

I may very well be wrong, one can only hope, but after yesterday's performance it's hard to believe the Esks will win another game. They're playing like a team that is thoroughly demoralized and just going through the motions.

I wouldn't put any money on any one of these 3 teams right now.

After seeing the Riders/Bombers game I really can't understand how Winnipeg has only 2 wins. They have a pretty good defense. I don't think the Bombers lose with having Jyles playing rather than Buck. I think Jyles can cause some problems for other teams. I don't know if they will do much damage in the playoffs but I think they can get there. As for the Eskimos, I don't even know what to say about them. I would be shocked if they turned this season around.

As I have stated before, to the best of my knowledge the Grey Cup is awarded in November not September. Saskatchewan fans often remind us of 1989 and 1997 when a hapless Rider team carried late season momentum into a play-off run and indeed a Grey Cup victory in 1989. What is ironic is that many of the comments about teams not having a chance are coming from Rider fans.

The only thing is that out of the 3 teams, the Bombers are the least likely to make the playoffs because the have to beat both the other two outright to make it, a tie does not help the Bombers.

I believe if the season ended today, Edmonton would get the playoff spot due to their victory over the Lions in the only meeting between the two. Going by that I would have to pick the Eskimos.

try again

I think they go by points scored between the 2 teams in the two games played. So thus B.C. gets the nod as they stand now. Still one more game to be played however.

might I also point out that wpg has yet to beat a top 3 team, for whatever that is worth.

If I count right, wpg and ed have 4 games left against top 3, while BC only has 3. Could make a difference, but to state the obvious, it will probably come down to the winner of the two games between wpg and bc

Look at the schedule, IN WEEK ONE BC BEAT EDMONTON 25-10!! Then in week 5 BC lost to Edmonton 28-25, so if they playoffs were to start today, BC would be in because of point differntial... wow, you really have a selective memory, don't you?

Winnipeg has the more difficult route as they have to finish with a better record than both Edmonton and BC, but I think their play on the field has been far more consistent and they look more like a team than the other two. BC is a better team with Printers back but they still have a long ways to go to become a playoff team. Edmonton and BC have half their wins against each other, and BC was fortunate to face a Montreal squad short Calvillo.

Right now my money is on Winnipeg, I think they still have a shot to potentially catch the Argo's.

Chill out sambo. Sounds like he just made an honest slip up.