Three Sets of Twins

It's crazy, this may be the first year the CFL has three sets of twins.

Tyrell and Tre Ford (CB and QB)
Tyson and Jaylen Philpot (WRs)
Woodly and Wesley Appolon (LBs)


Just missed having 4. Justin and Jordan Herdman-Reed (LB) both played for the Riders last year. Only Justin is still with the team.


We possibly could have had five, if Nate Holley wasn't kicked out of the CFL.

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It's Sci Fi time! :smiley: :+1:

Sometimes identical twins complete each other's sentences and seem to 'know' if something happens to the other before anyone else does. It can get spooky.

The ideal identical football twin combo would happen in the Twilight Zone. Both players would always on the same page and totally interchangeable as either quarterback or receiver. Without calling a play the other would still know which pattern to run. They'd be in each other's minds. They'd be unstoppable.

Dum dum dum dum dum dum duh...


Wow! That’s crazy for a 9 team league. I have an identical twin and we played on the same soccer and baseball teams.
(He’s the nice one.)

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He deserved to be kicked out

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