Three reasons why we lost

These are the 3 biggest reasons I think we lost tonites game. We got the usual brutal game from the refs, but tonite it went both ways (did you see the spot on the third down gamble by the bombers?).

Here are my top 3 reasons

1:Penalties, penalties, penalties. Offsides, no yards, roughing the passer, etc. etc. UNDISIPLINE and costly.

  1. Defense giving up first downs on second and long ( once 2nd and 20, once second and 19). These are situations where Winnipeg continues drives and builds momentum.

  2. The most important reason… red zone execution(or lack of). Turn half the FG’s into TD’s and it’s a different ball game.

Yup. That's how I saw the game too.

#3 is the only reason we lost. The others are a concern but #3 is a crisis

So you're saying that if he held them to say ... 13 points, we would have lost even though we scored more points?


Holding a team to 13points in the CFL isnot a resonable expectation

How about 17?

Anything less than 20 points on offence should lose you the game

You're wrong.

It's happened 11 times this year so far. And the season is young.

That's happened 3 times already this year.


  1. I think you can chalk up a few of those offsides to the fan noise and I thought we were much better in not taking the huge 15 yard penalties, but we still took way too many penalties overall. You just can't win when you give the other team 150 free yards every game.

  2. I thought our D had a rough game. Our offensive was actually driving the ball and keeping them off the field but they didn't get the job done when we needed them most (in the 4th quarter).

  3. No brainer and you're dead on. Turn half the field goals into TD's and it's not just a different game but we blow them out.

I would agree as to why we lost

Putting the ball into the endzone is the number one priority and fixing the penalties a close second

I've always said that for every 100 yards of offence you have you should have 7 points
For every 50 yards in penalties you take you give the other team 7 points.

I'm not sure what the official penalty yards were for this game but Hamilton had to have over 120 yards
Take away 14 points from Winnipeg and the game is a whole lot closer

What happened in Winnipeg last night?
The Cats, I believe were winning at the half. I think so. I am very sure of that.
Their half time stats looked great. They had possession of the ball in the first half for approximately 18 minutes, as opposed to Winnipeg's, 12 minutes of possession time. The Cats were leading in either total yards and/or passing yards.
In other words, all was looking good for their first win of the season.
I fell asleep, and I wake up this morning to another loss, 36-18. How thoroughly disappointing.
Apparently the wheels fell off the Ti-Cats car.
I am watching TSN to see what happened. Its on right now.

You fell asleep?

Lucky you. :wink:

Regarding point #2, both of these 2nd and long conversions led to Winnepeg touchdowns. In the 4th quarter with about 10 minutes left, (following an intentional grounding penalty) Winnepeg completed a 22 yard pass from their own 25 yard line. On this play there was no pass rush, this was a key play as Hamilton would have got the ball back in good field position, and a lead. This drive led to 9 Winnepeg points.

Agreed. Upon further reflection the pass rush was mainly to blame for Glenn’s 78% completion rate more so than the performance of the secondary, I believe.

we are losing games because we are not scoring touchdowns. we had a chance at an easy one last night but our quarterback was short on a 10 yard pass. Secondary could have been better and pass rush could have been better and all that stuff but you cant win football games when you kick for all your points, never will you be able to.

Ron Lancaster has said that you need to score 30 pts. to win in this league. I've found that to be true.

That's at least ten FGs a game!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

well maybe if someone had guts to catch a ball over the middle like MORREALE did maybe we'd score more td's

It looked like everyone was catching balls in traffic on Friday. They should not have had to but that's a different topic