Three reasons to love tonight's game...

    • Time management. The best I have seen from the team in recent memory, late in the second quarter. Pre misses, we get the ball back and waste NO time moving the ball down the field. No wasted seconds ticking off the clock while the Cats set up for the play - great job Kevin.

2.- Resiliency - Punch and counter punch. Great replies to the Arg*'s scoring drives. It would have been easy to hang your head when the blew team got ahead a couple of times. Nobody quit. Great sign of a team with confidence.

    • The fans - At the 4:14 and 1:25 times left to play the Ivor Wynn fans sounded so loud and animated that it pumped me up at home hours away. I could only imagine how great it sounded at the field!.. I’m sure the players were stoked because of it. Great job fans. :thup:

Now - circle the 26th of August on your calendar five times. This is going to be huge!! If we play smart we can beat our former assistants, Paul and Jamie and their cast of players. Both teams coming off a bye week, well rested and healing up. What more could you ask for?

Swat the swaggers!!

3. - The fans - At the 4:14 and 1:25 times left to play the Ivor Wynn fans sounded so loud and animated that it pumped me up at home hours away. I could only imagine how great it sounded at the field!... I'm sure the players were stoked because of it. Great job fans. :thup: quote]

You got that right !! The fans being so loud caused a time count violation and and at times Toronto's offence looked confused !! GREAT JOB FANS !!! :thup: :rockin:

They were loud when Toronto had the ball which is great but even on TV I could tell that they were also being loud when the Ticats had the ball many times. This really confused me.

Once they actually started chanting “A**o’s Suck!” just as the Ticats were breaking the huddle and walking up to the ball.

I even saw a camera shot of Rey Williams trying to quiet down the crowd once when the Cats had the ball. It is quite sad that he has to do that at all. People should know better.

It proves that all some really understand is the score.

Place was rockin for sure, I loved it. :thup:

Yeah Zen, I myself was pretty peeved with the Argo's suck chants during our offensive possessions and I was trying to get everyone to shut up but I think they thought I was joking and wanted them louder.This is exactly why I said we needed a stadium announcer to tell you when to cheer and when not to.Just the facts will do nothing for the excitement or control of the game.

As you all know, I'm not a fan of "Argo's Suck" (insulting your opposition just demeans your accomplishment when you beat them) but come on - criticising our fellow fans for getting excited at the end of a -very- close and exciting game?

That is why we come to the games. Sure it might be a little easier on our offense if they hadn't cheered but it is -very- understandable mistake.

It is but it can be prevented so it doesn't cost us games.Crucial signals and snap counts can be missed if we get that loud for our O.Trust me, there was plenty of excitement in the game without the yelling during our offensive series.Just a quick reminder from above would be nice, that's all.


If the other players on O cannot hear Glenn then they may as well just be on the road. Their own fans are supposed to give them the home field advantage. The home field advantage is very cut and dry. It means don't let the visiting even be able to hear their own thoughts and let your home team actually hear their own QB. At times last night it honestly seemed like a Toronto home game.

Good intentions or not the end result hurts their own team that they paid money to support. Is the fans having a good time more important than the teams performance?

You need to start handing out Football 101 pamphlets with tickets that explain these things or something like that.

As Zen commented, it may be an "understandable" mistake, but it's one that should be gently corrected by an educational announcement from the announcer and/or the scoreboard. Someone has commented that Montreal (you know, the team that keeps winning our division) has graphics and announcements reminding the home crowd to stay quiet for the home-team offense. If you want to be the best, learn from the best.

Agreed… the crowd was still getting loud on offence in the 4th quarter which was really disappointing.

Not as loud as they were on defence… but still chanting.

Maybe some of our educated fans should bring signs… “QUIET ON OFFENCE” on one side… “LOUD ON DEFENCE” on the other.

Also Bob:

When the players have to motion to the crowd to be quiet there is obviously a problem. Education about sport is just as important as supporting a team. The more the fans know about the game the more they will appreciate it and support it.

It's in your own and the players best interest to correct this.

As others have mentioned the scoreboard screen is a perfect and even fun way to tell the fans to cheer or be quiet please.

If there was a reason to dislike last nights game, it would be those golf ball sized rain drops that were ice cold.

Who else toughed it out in the rain with no coat? :o


I explain to anyone near me that is making noise when we have the ball that it gives the opposition a distinct advantage. Consequently, making noise when our opponent has the ball gives us a distinct advantage.

The "offending" parties just arent aware that what they are doing is "wrong" until I correct them. They think cheering when we have the ball is helping. Once I explain it to someone, they for the most part are grateful for the tip and are quiet on O afterwards.

We do have videos asking us to be quiet or loud, but somehow the message isn't reaching the majority. I feel a handout at the gate (Football 101) would certainly help. It can't hurt. Fans cheering when we have the ball can and does hurt though.

I've stayed in my seat through far worse with no rain coat. Besides, my seat cushion doubles quite well as a rain cap. :cowboy:

They do play such videos Zen, but not enough people are watching I guess.

I don't have so much of a problem with people making noise when we have the ball in my section. They dont make any noise period.

My problem is trying to get people to make noise when we don't have the ball. I sit in the dead zone. Salems lot. The people around me don't like my horn. They don't like it when I stand up to cheer on D. Sometimes I turn around and motion for people to get up. They stare back at me like I'm some kind of escaped mental patient.

Count me in. No need to go ducking for cover. What are we, Argo fans who only want to watch our games in an enclosed facility? :lol:

The thing with the fans yelling on offense is something that does bother me. Part of the problem, and I mean no offense, is Pigskin. He gets the crowd amped up with an "Oskee Wee Wee" while Glenn et al are on the field. He should save that for when the defense is on the field.

Another problem is, that when you're in the stands telling people to quiet down, they tell you to take a hike (in much less family friendly terms).

Perhaps the Cats should film some videos with Glenn, Stala, Cobourne, Hage, etc. telling the crowd, "Be quiet, the offense is at work." They do it with the defensive players to get everyone to make noise, so I think the opposite wold work as well. Just my two cents.

Thats a great idea Blogskee, I think it would work perfectly. Everybody listens when Baggs or Rey is yelling on the big screen, why wouldn't they listen when Glenn or Deuces is? Once again great idea.

What are you talking about? That rain was great. lol. I didn't have a raincoat or poncho, but it's football who needs one?

I was a little annoyed and tried to shush som people, but overall they did a good job of being loud at the right times.

I have to agree about the Time management on that drive that OP mentions. It was awesome.

Not how I would describe the rain, but I guess it was nowhere near the amount we got against Edmonton in 09'

I'm still waiting for a snowy game, nothing beats football in the snow.