Three Reasons The Underdogs Can Win Tomorrow

If I was a betting man I'd need fifteen points to take the Tiger Cats tomorrow.

Good thing I don't bet.

The Tiger Cats can win tomorrow if three things happen tomorrow:

  1. Austin out-coaches Chamberlain.

  2. Expectation Pressure gets to the Riders.

  3. The hottest team in the league plays to win - doesn't care what experts predict.

Then there's Lady Luck: injury, bad call, crazy bounce, etc.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Three reasons:

  1. Kent

  2. Orlondo

  3. Henry - the biggest variable

Firstly, the coaches name is Chamblin and secondly, because we are the underdogs, no one expects us to win, that is except the fans and most important, the players. We will surprise them by outclassing them, outplaying them, and mostly, yeah you guessed it................Outscoring them!!!

Early lead

Win turnover ratio

Tiger-Cats DC out smarts Riders OC

Whoopsie, sorry about the error in spelling.

On paper the Riders should run away with this game. Good thing football games aren't played on paper. A group of young, talented, confident players with nothing to lose is probably the worse case scenario for an opponent hosting the championship game.

An angry Gable would help our cause too.

If there is one thing that has proven itself over the years. The playoffs are a different season. Remember the 2000 BC Lions. They finished the season with an 8-10 record and just squeaked into the playoffs. Then beat the 12-6 heavily favored Montreal Allouettes to win the Grey Cup.

Not only that,the Roughriders only finished with one more win than us, so the teams are very evenly matched. I hope we shove it down their throats tomorrow. Oskee Wee Wee !!!

Cats exploit Riders who are drunk on their own bathwater from defeating a very depleated CAL team and really not much better than HAM and certainly beatable.

We are HUGE underdogs but that’s ok, even some people in Hamilton don’t like this team, so they know only too well what adversity means. GO CATS!!!

I am going to say the X factor will be the Ti Cats no name defense. boadreaux got an all star spot in the east but on the other end spot but NFL free agent via AFL and UFL Eric Norwood is just as good as any at the other DE Canadian Bulcke was able to take off in Hamilton this year and little known Tory Davis is huge monster at the other DT spot.
DBs you heard of is Brndon Issac but the best is another NFL free agent Rico Murray who played all three DB spots McCoullough a star on the rise but the others are basically rookies both import and Canadians.
The one LB holdover from the last two years is Jamal Johnson the unknown one of the three that had been starters. Simoni is also a star on the rise. The rest are a grand group of Canadian Rookies. 6 to be exact have been part of the corp group of the 46 man roster on defense downt the stretch. 2 DL, 2 LB and 2 Safety.

2008, henry Burris led the underdog Stampeders into montreal to face the Alouettes in the big O.
Burris got it done.

He's no stranger to going into the den and slaying the dragon.

I like this analysis. The Riders had the easier road to the cup in my opinion. Calgary didn't even show up. Plus the Riders have been reading and hearing about how easy this game will be for them. Lets hope they make the game easy by planning for their parties rather than for the Cats.

We also played MUCH better down the stretch...

Riders put their team together and signed a whack of big names to get to the Grey Cup. The players came to Saskatchewan for their own reasons but they again want to win it for themselves.

Our young, talented guys want to win it for each other. They will do all they can to accomplish that goal! :rockin:

The last time these two teams met in the Grey Cup, in 1989, the 'Cats swept the season series by winning both games but lost to the Roughies in the Grey Cup. The Riders won both games this season, so now it's time for the 'Cats to return the same favour to Saskatchewan, right on their home turf!!!

shouldn't it be underCATS :slight_smile:

They have nothing to lose.
Truthfully, the fact that they made it this far… I’m thrilled about! :smiley:
I can only hope and believe they’ll give it their very best! :rockin:

I've been reading on the Roughrider site that they think the home crowd will favor the Riders tremendously and it seems they think it's in the bag. I understand the home field advantage but the game is won on the field. It'll be so awesome to win this game in their stadium. :smiley:

"UnderCats" :lol:

It will be interesting to see how many people at the game are Riders fans. It's not just the home team's fans that buys tickets to the Grey Cup.