three qb's

as i mentioned in a previous entry, does it look any
more like ian butler should be removed which leaves touchdown timmy as the #2 guy and richie williams
as the #3? at least williams comes cheaper than butler does.

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Butler has played very little which proves nothing.

A lot depends on Butler's contract. If its reasonable then he will be kept over Williams but if its excessive for someone who will be third string either right away or by season's end then he will be cut.

I agree City...let TC (nice intitials) back-up and let Richie learn and develop.

The one thing you could really notice last night watching Chang and Williams was the difference in prep between the two. Chang - more confident, settled. Williams - more skittish, but I think the guy can play...let Taffe work with him.

why hasn't butler played alot? maybe thats the master plan,to not play him that much. if he hasn't played that much by now, that tells me his fate is sealed, to me he was only battling for #2 anyways,he's nowhere close to what jason is and he's too expensive and too good to be a #3.alot has to do
with how the three of them get along, if butler is #3
he will resent chang anyways


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It's an interesting scenario; let Butler go (release or trade) and keep Maas, Chang, and Williams.

Problem with it is as follows: if Maas falters or gets injured, then you are left with a raw rookie who has great potential in Chang, and a second year player in Williams who has little experience. That might just be a bit scary....I agree Chang has been impressive so far but the games aren't real yet and the kid is going to have some growing pains.

So I think it likely that the Cats will try to hang on to all 4 if at all possible, perhaps by stashing someone on the "injured" list.

hey cactus jack or...sorry mad jack, everyone is a rookie sometime right, if you are going to keep a rookie to be a #2 guy why not the throwin' samoan
junior? actually i dont even know if he is samoan
i just wanted to use the moniker.
maybe we should call jason CHEECH. i don't think jason does spliffers though, timmy probably doesn't either but it's a good name for

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