Three Positives not football related

It's hard to keep the head up high today (OK all bloody year), but just wanted to comment on three positives at IWS Monday totally not football related.

  1. The National rendition all year!

  2. Half-time show...that was pretty cool.

  3. Tribute to Damon Allen. Very appropriate.

i disagree on all three counts.

  1. Well kinda, the national anthem was the best all year, i can't really comment on that as i haven't been to all the games.

  2. Half-time show... scared me a little...

  3. Tribute to Allen was WAYYYYYYY to LONG. way too time consuming, and killed any momentum which the game had actually been developing. Would have been better saved for the beginning of next game IN TORONTO. with highlights and such. start the game fifteen minutes later next week and DO IT THEN!

almost half the stadium was cheering, and half was booing, and the rest just wanted to watch some football.

an announcement over the speakers would have been appropriate with a quick wave from damon. everything else was way too over the top.

Well, we all can't agree, Espo. What I might enjoy others despise. LOL @ the half-time show comment. But, it was still kind of cool, no?

I didn't hear anyone booing during the Allen tribute. What I saw and heard was the fans - Hamilton or Toronto - standing in unison applauding. I was on the South Side and that was pretty much the standard.

Wow- now I'm Mr. Negative but our family didn't like the way the anthem was done because it was extremely hard to sing to.

This points up the difference we discussed last year. Do you sing the anthem or just listen?

I disagree on 2 of 3 accounts.

The national anthem was butchered IMO. Just sing the damned thing and forget the theatrics PLEASE

Interrupting the game for a tribute is ALWAYS WRONG

Es, we've been spending WAY too much time together :lol: I said the same thing.

As for the Anthem, it was ok.

The tribute was a little too long IMO>

everyone remembers how thrilling it was to hear the edmonton fans sing the national anthem during their stanley cup run.

anthems sung like that don't quite lend themselves to that effect.

Don't you guys remember the mid-game stoppage at the Sky Dome a few years ago for Danny Mac passing for 50,000 yards. It was appropriate then and it was appropriate 2 nights ago. These are huge career and league milestones and deserve to be acknowledged then and there.

An Argo fan

It was wrong then and it wrong now

should have been saved for the home fans.

like when Allen passed lancaster back in BC. they didn't completely hold up the game, they had a little thing, with lancaster, mcmanus and allen, and then it was done.

BUT, it was in front of home fans. no problem there.

i agree with espo.. the damon tribute.. WAY too long. I think it's great that he's got the record.. now let's play some football. even when DMac passed the record there was no interview required. and it would have been much more appriciated in t.o.

It was the only thing I enjoyed all night.