Three players fined, one suspended after Week 20 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has announced that a total of four players have been fined and one has been suspended for a game after review of Weeks 19 and 20 action.

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D-lineman’s job is to get after the qb, then when they do they get fined for the most ridiculous so called hits.

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You are 100% correct. It’s got really bad with whiners like Chad Kelly

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I’d hate to see Dalke follow the footsteps of Marino, but he’s starting to build a negative reputation with multiple fines this season.

I think the extra ankle twist did him in. Pretty uncalled for, and controllable. But we are talking about a player on a very undisciplined team so not too surprised with the fine.

Lanier’s deserved a fine,
Dalke’s deserved a fine.
Morgan’s deserved a fine.
Not any of these three’s debut on the supplemental discipline list this season.

If Grey returns he should be suspended one game to start next season.

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I guess Siome doesn’t like being spit on